Canadian Tire(Auto Service)bad service

B Scarborough Toronto, ON

This is the last time I will ever use the auto centre for anything. I went at the opening time 7:30 a.m. on Saturday to get my oil/filter change and emissions test.

30 minutes later, nothing happening. One fellow said, he would be there shortly, but disappeared. I looked outside and then saw a very angry customer complaining to the Service Manager who just brushed him off. The man came inside and demanded the head of the store, who eventually came. The service manager was apparently too busy, using all the other mechanics and staff in the service centre to move around a canopy display outside.
The store manager/owner came and she got it settled. The man was ripped off--when the store manager/owner left the Service Manager started yelling at the customer about him(the customer being upset)
I am still waiting in line and finally someone comes tothe register..and then call over someone else who just arrived about a coupon?this idiot had seen me since they opened. I demanded to know why it took so long. The service rep said they were busy--- sorry but no one was working in the bays-- they were all laughing outside playing around with the display. I finally left 40 minutes later--and will never go back to that store. They want your money?? I don't mind waiting in a line--but there was no one there. On the way out, some other customer came in--he too was miffed--holding a bill--ripped off--and complaining about the service manager.

I say fire this service manager--- and put in strict rules in place. You want our business Canadian Tire--maybe you'll learn about 'service" i've now taken my car to Mr. Lube on kennedy road--great service with coffee, a paper and a smile--took less than 20 minutes--then went up the road to the Oil changer on kennedy for the emmissions test. FAST, friendly, more coffee--and lots of smiles. Canadian Tire, you are a disgrace. I won't even shop in your lousy store again--and plan to inform the 400 residents of my large condo development about it. Think about it--- 400 people tell one person who tell another.
It multiplies!!

Remember, Canadian Tire, you're the big boy on the block but the big ones fall hard--as you did in the past--you can do so again. Remember the arrogance of Eaton's?
And Service manager---you're lucky I didn't have my camera phone with me--or it would be your photo here!!

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