Canadian Tire / return an item procedure

Da Mar 24, 2019

... My experience today, trying to return a $7.00 item was not easy nor quick. At the veddar location waited in line for 10 minutes along with the online order customers... Got to the counter and ct employee wants phone number, photo id, address etc. So i'm less than pleased as I am on a break, have to go to my car and get id then come back into line. The ct refunding policy is antiquated and a reminder to me why ct is not on my top places I go to shop. Walmart, costco, amazon never ask or need all that sensitive information for a refund, and the refunding employee has to go to another printer to get a piece of paper for me to sign. The competitors I just mentioned are fast, efficient and up to date on their procedures. This refund took me over 20 minutes. Just thought someone should know...

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