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I bought a fan. I opened it & used it for a while & found it is running opposite direction than it has to be & not giving out any air.
Customer service representative didn't give me refund & didn't let me buy any product in exchange except a replacement fan. Lady said I would have to buy a fan. Other fans priced more than what I was retuning.
I had to pay extra for another un predictable fan.
I found Canadian tires non-reliable & not trustworthy. Quality of customer service made me upset & I might file a law suit on this issue.

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    I bought a fan opened & used it for a while & found it faulty as it runs opposite direction & doesn’t give any air.
    I took it to return & customer service said we will exchange it with another fan only.
    I wanted my my money back or something else other than a fan because other brands of fans cost more than one I bought.
    I don’t trust Canadian Tires any more. You are Thieves selling un predictable items without any responsibility & when it comes to refund you offer another [censored] item. Your customer service made me upset & i’ll go to sue you for fraudulent services.


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      Jul 31, 2019

    Bought a magic vac from the Shoppers World Store on Steeles/mclaughling
    The box was opened but taped back. Still bought it because it was on sale.
    I opened the box. Decided that i was going to exchange for something better. All item were still in original packaging.
    Only the box was opened.
    Paid cash
    I lost the reciept for exchange or credit receipt.
    Cashier would not hear about it and said that I should not have lost the receipt.
    Supervisor/manager was beside her and this lady told me me I could have bought from Walmart or elsewhere and there if no way she is going to accomodate me. I felt very embarrased as there were may other customers around.
    I explained to her that the UPS code is on the box and the store sticker is till attached to the box.
    Moreover why would I come to you when I could have exchanged it at walmart with no questions asked if I had purchased it from them.
    Supervisor/Manager who ever she was simply told me too bad and walked away.
    I understand that you do have exchange/store policies. To embarasse a customer in front of others and made to feel like i was lying is very unfortunate for the store. Feeling so embarrased I left the store without asking her for her name.
    In future I would never shop at another Canadian Store for the way I was treated.
    In my opinion customer service as Canadian Tire can never match up to Walmart, The Bay or any other big stores.
    Its is unfortunate where everyone is thriving for good customer service this lady just showed the arrogrance and incompetency which led to me beleive that there is no value to a customer as far as Canadian Stores are concerned
    She shed a bad light on what I thought was a great company who appreciated their customers.

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      Jul 31, 2019


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