Canadian Tire / ammunition

Ro May 28, 2019 Review updated:

Drove to canadian tire in barrhaven. I went to the sports section and asked for my 2 boxes of 22 ammo that were suppose to be there for me because I reserved them. The girl said she could not find them? Was not informed that there were 2 boxes of 22 ammo reserved for anybody? The clerk and another employee looked all over, could not find the ammo boxes. I was disappointed to find out that I drove for 2 hours and be turned away because of miscommunication in that store.
I was told that there were boxes of federal 22 ammo 525 rounds and red tagged from that employee at that store discounted price for $29.99 each box. I was told by another employee at kemptville c-t that all red tag sales are honored across canada. You pay the same price as our store. I was told by that female employee at the sports section in kemptville c-t that barrhaven has 3 boxes and that they will give you the same price.
Out of it all I received nothing. How could you treat customers like that? I wasted my time and gas to go there. Canadian tire has to get it's act together. I do not think I will be going to c-t for a very long time.

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