Canadian Tireunsatisfactory vehicle service

J Feb 13, 2020

I took my vehicle in because the check engine light had come on and the vehicle was running quite rough.Service dept took it in and did an engine diagnosis, told me it was misfiring on number 3 and they needed to replace the spark plugs, which incidently had a grand total of ~35000 km.
I asked if they were sure this would fix the problem and was told definitely, you can pick up your vehicle in the morning!!Next morning I phoned to see when I could retrieve my vehicle and was told it was still misfiring and running rough so they would have to replace the ignition coil.
This is after they had billed me $983 for the initial work, now they wanted another $700 to see if that would clear the problem, I declined and took my vehicle to the Hyundai dealer, the shop foreman did a quick diagnosis and showed me it was misfiring on 3 and 5 randomly.
When I returned home I contacted the local tow truck driver who does mechanical work as well, long story short, he found two badly burnt spark plug wires which he replaced and now my vehicle is purring like a kitten.
I reported the shop in P.A. to the BBB in Regina (case# 1031137) to see if they could get some money back for me...still waiting on that!!!

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