Canadian Tireservices from customer services count; I got yell from your employee

A Nov 25, 2019

November 23, 2019; 2:30 pm

I entered a store with a small backpack, which with my all belongs and lots of cash and couple of important IDs like my Drive license, Citizenship card; passport. A lady comes to me and asks me to put the backpack into their counter. I explain to the lady that I do not mind to put my backpack into the counter but I need to ask them to security my backpack to make sure no one stole it. The lady in the counter, her name is Pam start yelling at me and her attitude was bad. She yelling at me to ask me to put my bag into my car and come back to the store. I told her again, I am ok to put my bag here but you need to make sure someone here. She just ignores me and calls the store manager to come, his name is Roman. In meanwhile, she continues to help customers to cash out. one of the customers sees all the happen and he told her that she should not be yelling with me and that is not good customer service that Canadian tire should provide to their customer. Pam start yelling at him and tells him that she is not going to sell the item for this customer because she rejects him to be here by Canadian tire policy that she has the rights to not selling this customer. Finally Roman here and the first lady trying to cover Pam and tell Roman that I reject to put the backpack into customer services. The gentlemen come to be my witness that he told Roman that what happen. Roman said that he will talk to Pam. After done shopping, Pam still in customer service and she not even apologize to me about her rude and manner.

First, Canadian tire if you ask your customer not bring the backpack into the store, and you also provide the customer with the service for tempory storage that means your store should security our belongs.

Second, I do not think that I am the only customer that asks for the backpack drop off into your counter and people what will be thinking of. You are putting down an image of a customer who wearing a backpack will be a store thief.

I am very upset that I get this kind of service from Canadian tire. Pam is represented to a Canadian tire where she wears your uniform. This experience I will share with all my friends and also facebook, Instagram and etc.

I hope someone from your head office should be taking care of this. Bad service will turn out bad business. I totally not accept this customer service and this bad experience.

I need someone to follow up with me on this issue and also tell me what you have to do with me for this experience.

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