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Jun 06, 2019

After reviewing their advertising about such great prices, I ordered revolution which they were selling at the same price as my vet (without the vet fees for a visit). Thought it was great until I received the package with an amount due for custom duties. I was shocked. After complaining they... / valuheart heartworm tablets for large dogs

Jun 05, 2019

An order I made almost 3 months ago never arrived. I've contacted customer service several times for a refund and they said that because the product was not properly delivered and is being sent back to their warehouse and cannot issue a refund until it arrives. I don't see how this is my... / tick medication

May 31, 2019

Paid $100 for tick medication from what I thought was a canadian vet supply distribution company. After consecutive messages over a two week period i find out that this company in fact ships from Australia and i can expect to wait over 30 days for my product to arrive. It hasn't... / revolution cat: takes much longer than advertised to receive it and much more expensive than from australia!

Nov 06, 2018

I ordered Revolution from them and it was supposed to take 10 days. It has been 16 days and I haven't received it yet. I was tired of waiting, so I ordered some from Australia and 4 days later it was there with free shipping and the Revolution was much cheaper too! I emailed them and wa... / flea medication

Nov 09, 2017

I ordered flea meds from my pet believing I was ordering from Canada or possibly US because I was billed in USD. My order arrived and it came from Germany, was damaged badly and I had to pay a $19.11 customs bill! It does not state on their website anything about customs or that it may... / selling meds illegal to import. you won't get it.

Sep 15, 2017

I ordered from canadavet because I thought it was being sent from canada. On their webpage it says they are located in vancouver, bc. I am in vancouver, bc so I thought it would arrive in a few days because that's how long mail takes here. After waiting a month I called and asked why I... / liars, unreliable, fake

Jul 30, 2015

I ordered meds over 3 weeks ago and nothing. I called and they said it may be held at the border! BS! Why would your freight be held at the border if what you do for a living is sell meds and apparently sell them for years!?!? Also this cannot possibly be a CANADIAN company! When I called the... / de-worming drug

Feb 28, 2014

I recently purchased Drontol from this company and it made my dog puke for a couple days and now she doesn't want to eat her her anymore because she thinks that's what caused it. It really sucked, my girlfriend wasn't even pissed, she just started crying at the fact that i... / service

Jun 22, 2013

Purchased Advantage Flea medicine. Payment went through my account immediately. It has now been two weeks and no product, no return email and when I called they just keep saying "Oh its been mailed"... Delivery time and customer service is awful. My poor dog is so sad. We had to go out and... / shipping

Mar 13, 2012

I ordered flea and heart worm medication for my dog Feb 2, 2012 after seeing the great prices I referred 2 friends who spent over $100 as well. The website says it takes up to 11 business days max but I did not receive my merchandise until March 12, 2012. When I called to check on my order... / Product never arrives

Oct 19, 2011

I have ordered from this company since 2008 and every order has takes longer and longer to get to my house. I ordered Valueheart and Revolution on 8/24/11. It is almost 2 months later and the company will not respond to repeated emails and the phone just rings and rings... I would never buy from them again!

Canadavet / order never received

Jan 21, 2011

Ordered product on 12/24/10, not received as of 1/21/11. Tried to call to cancel order but held on phone for 17 min., yes 17 min. according to my phone timer. Never got to speak to anyone. Their website says orders should arrive in 5 to 7 days, not 30 days. Sent e-mail about order, no... / liars


Hi, I recently purchase some worm and flea medication from a company called . When I receive my medication I noticed that on the vial that they had sent me a medication that was way past the expiry date. I phoned up and they said that the have...