Canada Post Corporationparcel not delivered to my door, a signature was required & paid for this service

A Nov 01, 2019 Review updated:

Waiting for parcel to be delivered to my door, in tracking my parcel online thru canada post site, it stated it was out for delivery, but later it said notification was left, this was left in the community mailbox, this parcel required a signature & was to be delivered to my door, no attempt was made by canada post to deliver the parcel to my door, instead it was left at a postal outlet. This is not the service I paid for, when talking to canada post they always put the blame on either the sender or receiver, canada post will never admit they made a mistake & they will never refund any funds, this is the third time canada post has lost or not delivered my mail. Extremely poor service & rude personal in postal outlets.


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      Dec 17, 2019

    I am unhappy with Canada Post because the info I was provided was incorrect. I understood that when I bought a flat rate box, the recipient would have to sign for it. Not true when I went to mail the box. I was not even allowed to make the request. because of some silly rule. Why can't I find a list of scenarios and rules that are simple to understand? I have been wandering all over your web site and and could not find what options I have to use to keep my packages away from porch pirates. what I am looking for is a table that shows me my options, eg. what packages can be insured, which ones that requires signature, etc. I am more interested in getting my package securely to my intended recipient than how much I have to pay. In general It is unfortunate that KISS principle no longer exists in our cyber world

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