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Campers ParadiseCampers Paradise Sigel PA (cooks forest) beware


Everything was horrible about Campers Paradise at 37 Steele Drive in Sigel PA 15860. I stayed in the "adult" "private" "cabin" which ended up being right next to the road, attached to the owners house, and could not be outside past 11pm without someone coming up to me saying to keep it down (even talking around a campfire at 12 am was bad). Campers Paradise at 37 Steele Drive in Sigel PA 15860 was the worst trip of my life. Don't let the website fool you into thinking it is great. The place was dirty when we got there. The sheets were a mess, they gave 1 towel per two person room and the list goes on. The owner never introduced himself to us and we spent $600 for the two nights we were there, but he did spy on us from the woods when we were in the hot tub. When I first got there he said he would show me the cabin when he had time and when he did he pointed out the items we could not do. This camp does not refund anything; if they did I would have never stayed there. When I asked they told me no refunds would be given. When we left the cabin was cleaner than when we got there, the floor was swept, the beds were made, the bathrooms were clean and the dishes didn't have spots on them. However, they still charged me a $50 security deposit and will give me no explanation on why. Consumers are warned Campers Paradise at 37 Steele Drive in Sigel PA 15860 is not a vacation it is like a jail. Their website will fool you into thinking it is great. Campers Paradise is the farthest thing from that. If you are looking for camping in Cooks Forest PA do not stay at Campers Paradise in Sigel PA. In fact if you are camping in northwestern Pennsylvania or you are looking for cabins in northwestern Pennsylvania do not stay at camper’s paradise. Their phone number is [protected], I should have got the idea when they told me no refunds at all and said I need to make the reservation now if I want it. They act like used car sales men. I paid their house payment and they didn't even introduce themselves to me. If anyone else has similar experience please post them, I do not want someone to have this bad of an experience especially at $600 (ad $50 more for a fee they won't tell me about) a night.


  • Ta
    Tatmo Apr 10, 2017
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    Verified customer

    The campground is beautiful and the seasonal campers are the best campers always nice and helpful. I agree the owes are always after more of your money with lots of fees and they are very inconsiderate to the costumer

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  • Be
    Beth Ann Mar 14, 2017
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    I can't say for sure one way or another how their campsite is because I can't even get a hold of someone for a reservation. I emailed them about reserving a cabin for three days in June. I got a response back three days later saying they only did reservations in the peak season for 4 days and asked if I was still interested. I replied yes and gave the date info, but never received a response. I have tried several more times to get a hold of someone, but it's now been a week and a half with no response. I am now making a reservation elsewhere.

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  • Ra
    RandyBVirtual May 11, 2016

    I find most of the complaints unbelievable. I have been camping at this campground for almost 30 years. I have never seen the owners do anything but go out of their way to help me. I see most talk about up charges but it is well known on the site and all documentation given. The rules the campground has is to keep it family safe and friendly.

    Keep in mind the hundreds of people that camp here typically do not set out to make posting. Most postings are only done when someone is negative or disagrees with something.

    I have camp in tents, rented cabins over the years and now own my own camper with a permanent spot. My kids love it and everyone there is great. As a government leader, I have very low tolerance for Bullcrap and I can assure you that this is a great family place and the rules are for the better of the majority.

    Do not let's these complaints discourage you, as you can see most of the complaints were within a certain timeframe that would indicate it was the same bitter person spamming to get negative hits on the web.

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  • Qw
    Qwispickin Jun 21, 2015

    Absolute money grubbing tourist trap. Charge to run your air conditioner. $10 "fine" if you move your fire pit. Charge for non-existent wifi. No check-in before 2pm or get charged for half a day. On and on with the extras. The rv sites must have been designed by Somebody suffering from dyslexia. Hookups out of reach or on the wrong side. Electric meters (yes, meters) on the hookup, so close you can't plug in. Usual 50 percent markup on store items. Save your money and drive a little farther down the road to clear creek state park and camp for much less.

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  • Je
    Jessica Weller Kara Scott Aug 15, 2013

    For a much-needed break and some girl time, my friends and I decided to go camping to relax. We were told about Campers' Paradise and decided it sounded like a good place to go. WRONG!!! We were charged for extra adults and told no visitors were allowed unless we paid an extra fee on top of the $200 we had already paid to stay there for TWO nights! We all live relatively close to Cook Forest and some of us had to leave for work and returned later so we had five cars there. We were issued two key cards and yelled at for "double swiping" while trying to get more than one car in at a time. There were five of us staying the first night and then three more were arriving the second night, but we were charged for eight people for both nights. When a friend came to visit the first night she was told she wasn't allowed in and after arguing with the "woman in charge" she was let in but had to leave her car at the front lot and had to leave by 11p.m. Within one hour of our friend being permitted back to our campsite, this lady came cruising up in her golf cart to check the number of people at our site...So ridiculous! The next day when one of our group was returning from work this same lady tried to drop the gate on the front of her car! Then, she proceeded to tell us that we didn't "understand" the rules!! Who ever heard of a campground that has 17 rules listed right in their brochure as well as at least 10 more posted all over the place?! Another fun fact about this awesome place (sarcasm) is that they have a heated pool. If by heated they mean they just thawed it out, then yes, they have a heated pool! In the end we all decided that we were NOT getting our money back so we made the best of our trip as possible. We decided that for $200 we were going to hang out, play games, have a few drinks and enjoy ourselves as much as possible and if the people in charge had a problem they could come on over! In short, DO NOT go to CAMPERS' MISERY! I will never, nor will any of my friends, recommend this campground to anyone..

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  • Sa
    Sandra Buzard Furtney Nov 22, 2011

    We had the most horrible experience at Campers Paradise, Sigel Pa., which ended with me spending several hours in the ER, the Dr. diagnosed it as over exposure to fumes from the gas fireplace. We reserved a 3 night stay, checked in Nov. 20, it was cold and raining when we got there. As soon as we walked in the fumes where overwhelming from the gas fireplace. I called Andrea Steele to ask about it, she suggested we open the windows, I suggested It was to cold for that, no comment from her. The wifi that we had to pay for even though the web site does not say there is a charge would not work! The cabin was filthy with cobwebs on the ceiling fans and drapes, meanwhile posted on the fridge was a list of duties cleaning you must do or loose your deposit. There was a chair at the dinette that was in such bad shape that when I set my computer bag on it it almost fell over, so glad I didn't set down on it, could have been badly injured . The place is truly dangerous. After the first night of being sick all night from the fumes we decided to check out, NO REFUND, we called the police, they told us it was a civil action, not for the police. After the hospital stay we have decided to file a law suit against her. After reading the above I am thinking class action against Campers Paradise, anyone interested? Andrea Steeele is completely unprofessional, uncaring about her customers and rude. The County Board of Health is going to get a call from me. The place needs to be inspected for safety issues before someone else gets sick or injured.

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  • Bi
    Bill Polizotto Sep 06, 2011

    I don't believe any of these comments. We have been to Camper's Paradise several times over the past years and have had nothing but pleasant experiences. The cabins are clean and if we ever need anything the staff very willingly supplies it. Mike and Andrea are always friendly and very helpful. People should read the rules listed on the website before they camp there. There are no refunds and it states that. You also need to bring your own linens and supplies. We have always had a great time and plan on continuing to stay there!

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  • Na
    nadine36 Aug 18, 2011

    This place was horrible. They are very unorganized. I called campers paradise because everyone i talked to told me how nice and clean the place was and cheap. I called and asked how much a camp site would be for a tent with electric and water. they asked how many people i told them 2 adults and 4 children. she told me for a week it would be 154.00 for the site and 10.00 deposit on the key to get back into camp. We went up August 12, 2011 and we explained to them that we had 2 children with adhd and they needed a tv to sleep (which we bought along) we asked if that was going to be a problem. they told us no. then when we went to pay for our tent site they told us 270.oo when we got everything set up i sat down and looked at the receipt and seen it said 70.00 for extra person. so i went down to the office and asked them about it they said thats cause our prices are based on 2 adults and 2 children. i asked her why no one told us that to begin with bc we would of went and looked elsewhere. she never apologized and told us that is our responsibility to read the information before paying. i let it go i didnt want to argue since i was on vacation. friday night went ok. saturday they had some games we took the kids swimming. the whole time we seen some old man watching everything. i was afraid to let my girls go anywhere by themselves they are 11 and 12. saturday night probably around 2 am my stepson had a asthma attack we woke up to find out extension cord unpluged outside bc someone wanted our tv my husband had to run outside and plug it back it in to hook up my stepsons asthma machine. in the morning the lady owner came up and told us to shut our tv off for the day. my husband told her no we paid for electric and she said well today is sunday and we dont want no tvs on today. my husband then replied to her that when we checked in andrea said it would not be a problem and it was also raining out that day so we had taken the kids xbox and dvd player for them to have something to do. she told him no shut it off he said i want a refund and ill move to another camp ground she said sorry we dont give refunds. and pulled away. needless to say that put all of us in a bad mood so we went looking for another campsite and found one that only charged us 100.00 for the week. we went back to campers paradise and packed up everybody came over and asked why we were leaving and we told them what she said about the tv and they all were astonished some of them didnt even know we had a tv and not sounding ignorant they said they didnt care if we did bc they have children some with adhd and know what it is like to keep a child busy in the rain and when i went into the office to turn in my key i confronted the lady and told her to sign my reciept saying when i left she refused and said i could do it then i told her i wanted my refund for the rest of the week she said if you leave thats your choice we dont give refunds. i then told her i was going to the magistrates whoever i need to go to (any ideas would be greatly appreciatted) press charges bc someone came on our campsite that we paid for unplugged our cord and my stepson had a asthma attack and we had to take time to run outside to plug in the cord in the dark i told her that we didnt feel safe there. she should of came and talked to us like an adult if there was a problem with tv and not let anyone come on our site that we paid for

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  • Mn
    Mnshine77 Apr 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    We just had a girls weekend there with 7 girls. We had a good time and didn't have too much of a problem, but do have quite a few complaints. It really annoys the crap out of me when websites don't give you the FULL information you need. Three of us dragged our laptops there only to find out that the first 15 minutes of Wi-Fi is free and then you have to pay. (What that was I'm not sure because nobody wanted to.) It says they provide the linens and that's the extent of the info they give you. It would have been extremely helpful for them to mention that we needed dish soap, hand soap, tissues, etc. We went in the beginning of April which is obviously the down season for Cooks Forest. It was like a ghost town in there, which was fine as we just wanted to relax...but try finding someone to help you or ask a question to! The second a couple of the girls got there and checked in they closed the "store" (which wasn't even technically open yet) and hit the road. And this is long as they provide a phone number in the cabin for us to call if we have any problems! Nowhere in the cabin did they have information on what to do if you needed anything. I attempted to call the first night (the number I called to make a reservation) and my cell dropped the call a couple times and I gave up. (Bad cell service there.) The gas fireplace stopped working the last night, and we didn't even bother calling anyone. Not enough towels, but didn't even bother trying to ask for more. (Thank god we didn't run out of toilet paper.) The cabin itself was pretty clean and didn't have any problems with the hot tub. We checked out at noon and of course there was no one in the store to give the key to. (If they wanted us to leave the key in the cabin, there was no way of knowing because they don't tell you!) I ended up giving the key to some guy cleaning the pool. All in all, we still ended up having a great time. Just a bit too unprofessional and unorganized for my taste. I like things laid out in black and white. Not a good enough experience to go back.

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  • Th
    theinen Aug 25, 2010

    I agree 100% on most all of these complaints. Very bad and very disappointing experience!!! After planning a family reunion at this campsite and renting all the cabins and spending alot of money at this place. We were so disappointed to find how rude and unprofessional the owners were. My grandmother whom stayed in the cabin next to the owners house was not aloud to have any children visit the cabin. So therefore my children could not see their great grandmother. Very strange rules, greedy people they charge you for everything and don't expect your security deposit back ( which you don't find out about till you check in). Too many issues to post, the male owner was drunk and driving the fire truck with children (not mine) around the camp ground. Charged my sister 20.00 of her deposit cuz her 2 year old left finger prints on the sliding door. Office is very unorganized messed up our credit cards and charged items that people didn't even owe for cabins they were not in. Be careful no one should have to deal with rude people like that.

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  • Ma
    mancave24 Jul 26, 2010

    My family stayed for 10 days in a cabin, believe me if there was a refund we would of packed up and left the first night. The owners are rude, unprofessional and do a lot of double talk. They messed up our reservation prior to us even getting to the cabin. The owner called and said that we owed $400.00 more and I asked why? she stated that she had to add taxes(which I understand but it didnt come out to 400). When I further pushed the issue because they already had cashed our check she stated one of her employees messed up and she was now fired. There was at least 4 phone calls back and forth to try to figure out what was going on. We arrived at 3:00 check in time was at 4. They said the cabin was not cleaned yet so we could not get in. There was no one at cabin and I know there was no renters there prior to us. We asked if they minded while we waited if we could take our children to swim. The owner said yes $5.00 per person cause we were not yet part of the camp until 4:00. We left and went into cooksforest for an hour. These people nickle and dime you to death. They accepted my check for 1, 300 and cashed it but when I tried to write a check for 20.00 they would not stating they did not take checks. I stated that you took my check for 1, 300 that cleared she stated "yes I know, that should of never happened and someone got in trouble for that." These owners have a smart answer for everything. The tone they use with you is that you owe them something not that they owe you something that you paid for (a nice vacation)

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  • Ds
    Dsorc82 Jul 25, 2010

    Last two commenters totally accurate. Cannot get over how many positive reviews there are about this establishment considering our experience, and that of other guests we saw at the pool everyday. Yes, this is a clean, nice campground. But the owners are obnoxious. They had numerous reservations issues that led to delays and many in our party had to wait nearly an hour to get in. No apologies - just "well stuff happens". Fees fees and more fees, many undislosed until we arrived. But at the end of the day, JUST RUDE people to deal with! Highly recommend AGAINST going here. We stayed 4 nights, and every day spoke to different people at the pool - at least 4 different parties, and not one said they would come to this campground again. Have yet to see if they try to charge me any fees against my security deposit on the cabin - which we left cleaner than we found!

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  • My
    my3sons Jul 25, 2010

    BEWARE OF CAMPERS PARADISE! They state they are family friendly but they are not. My family rented a cabin paying 1, 200 up front. There is no refunds. When my family arrived we registered. I was told I needed to give a credit card for security deposit, which is not included in your weekly rent cost. Unpacking our jeep, the owners came flying around the corner making accusations that we were caught on video tape throwing chairs in the pool. My husband stated that we had just arrived and our teenage sons did not leave the cabin. It was later noted that it was not us. My brothers and sisters families were also staying at the campground. They came over the first night to eat dinner with us however the owners came immediately over and asked us who we thought we were, they were not providing a community shower for everyone. My husband politely stated that we were all family just sitting down to dinner and no one was taking a shower, other family members had there own campers. Things they dont tell you: bring your own trash bags, they do not provide but will sell them to you, $25.00 if caught not using a sheet on bed and use pillows without cases (these are what is posted once you get there), $100.00 if caught bringing in wood, cutting wood down, dead or alive, they ask you to put things on your credit card however they charge you a few every time you use, if you want to put a tent up by cabin $30.00 a night extra, $12.00 for wi fi dont waste your money it doesnt work and you get no money back. $3.00 a day if you want air conditioning or heat, if you want to drive into the camping part you must pay $10.00. The list goes on the web sight is very interesting however we will never go back. Oh by the way the owner spies on you at least 3 times a day. the best is when is ask to come into your cabin to see fire extinguisher and walks through the whole cabin at 8:30 in morning. You dont fool me, you want to see how many people there is in the cabin!

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  • La
    laine21 Jul 25, 2010

    Staff is so unprofessional and rude. We reserved a cabin and 4 campsites for my entire family. They screwed up the reservations and it took us over an hour to check in. Then they spied on us as well the entire time to make sure we weren't doing anything wrong. It wasn't even like a relaxing vacation. I checked out of my campsite a day early but went back around 4 to change my clothes at my parents cabins and they literally kicked me out of the campground. They said I had already checked out and couldn't be there at all unless I paid for an extra night. They were so rude about it too. While we were at the pool everyone there was complaining about their stay as well and how rude the owners are. I hope no one stays here and they go out of business. Anyone who stays there once will probably never go back because it is the worst experience ever!

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  • Ke
    Kelly H Oct 12, 2009

    I disagree with this complaint totally. We rented a cabin in Oct. and it was immaculate. The staff was pleasant and helpful. The direct TV was not working when we got there & my husband desperately wanted to watch the Yankees game & the staff was right there to get us a new box & reprogram it to working order. My kids enjoyed the Great Pumpkin Party & trick or treating in the campground and it seems they always have nice activities planned for the kids & families to enjoy. My family & I have been camping in this area for years and we all agreed this was one of our best experiences. We'll definately look forward to returning!

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  • Ak
    ak4844 Jul 28, 2009

    I disagree with this completely! When i stayed there they were nothing but helpful. Everything was clean, and we recieved more than we expected. If there are any problems with anything all you have to do is let them know and they fix it right away. I didn't stay in a cabin, I camped at a site. The food at the pizza shop, I thought was really good, and the prices compared to other campgrounds that I have stayed in. Next time I camp there, I am renting a cabin, and those who I have spoken with who have recently stayed in cabins said that their stay was excellent. So don't listen this review, I have nothing bad to say about this campground. Hands down the best I have ever stayed in.

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  • Mi
    Mike R12345 Jun 24, 2009

    They over charge for everything. The store is way over priced and trust me there is no way you can get your security deposit back. They are camping bandits. The food at the concession stand got me sick as well.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Jun 12, 2009

    I went there as well and they charged me for not cleaning the already dirty cabin as well. Plus the hot tub had dirty water in it. Just disgusting!

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