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Dr Jun 14, 2016 Cannington Review updated:

Sunday 12/06/2016 at 11.06am I was on pump number 7 at Caltex, Albany Highway Cannington W.A. While refuelling the auto stop on the pump failed to work and instead of stopping the flow of fuel when my cars tank was full, it the pump continued to allow fuel to flow.

Petrol flowed out and covered my whole right side in petrol, from my waist down.

I reported this issue with pump as an unsafe pump, to the attendant who became angry and told me it was not his problem.

I was on my way to work, not able to return home to clean off, and since my entire pair of trousers were saturated with petrol, I had to run into K Mart and purchase another a pair to go to work in.

Unfortunately the pair of trousers I ruined was a $200.00 pair of trousers, and hand made.

I consider that the response of the attendant was less than appropriate, there was no suggestion or offer of a complaints form, or suggestion of any procedure in achieving this.

Proof of purchase of petrol can be provided, as can proof of purchase of trousers on that day also be provided.

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  • Dr
      Jun 14, 2016

    I am disappointed with Caltex that they should employ this type of person who has no empathy, does not care, and is totally not interested in the safety of customers while on this site.

    This pump should never have been in operation, and actually should have been tagged as out of order, and pinned (as in locked ) so that it could not be used.

    This person with this type of attitude I never want to see in this or any other service station again.

    He is unsafe.

    This is an unsafe site, and is an accident waiting to happen.

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