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7:56 am EDT
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Caitlinbacher Review: Disappointing Course for Beginners, Focused on Selling & Expanding Existing Courses

I decided to give Caitlinbacher's course a try after stumbling upon her Instagram account, which seemed pretty promising. However, as someone who is still trying to navigate the online world and hasn't yet created my own course, I found Caitlin's course to be less than helpful. It mainly focuses on teaching individuals how to sell and expand their already existing courses.

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5:57 am EDT
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Caitlinbacher Disappointing Experience: Lack of Community and Support in SWS Coaching Program

If ya don't really know your niche, title, pricing point, this program ain't for ya. I just signed up for another coaching program two years after leavin' SWS and I can't believe the difference? There is ACTUAL community and coachin' to support my hope to create the impact I know I can make.

I spent the whole year and $18K in SWS and for that whole duration I felt intimidated to ask a question 'cause most of the responses were curt or redirected back at me to figure it out. If ya read other reviews in other places they all share a similar feel.

The technical structure and steps of the program are real good, so if ya have a niche that ya've truly nailed down, know ya're pricin' and ya're title, ya're of the (maybe) 10% that can write a great review for the program. The rest of us didn't finish or didn't ever make the profit as promised. I know of at least 5 others that didn't get all of the work done in the limited year and they wasted time and money also.

It ain't a program I'd recommend based mostly on vibe. Ya won't find community or care for ya goals, just a great list of tasks and to dos with little guidance as to how to apply it to ya intention. The heart just ain't there?

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5:30 am EDT
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Caitlinbacher Disappointed and Deceived: A Review of [Program Name] - Overpromised and Underdelivered

I was so dang excited when I signed up for this program, let me tell ya. The testimonials had me all hyped up, promising the moon and the stars. But now I'm starting to wonder, was I a total fool to believe all that jazz? Were those testimonials just a bunch of baloney?

Let me lay it out for ya, this program ain't cheap. We're talking $25,000 AUD for a whole year. That's a pretty penny, my friend. But hey, the step by step program itself ain't half bad. You're paying through the nose for it, but it's decent overall.

Now here's where things start to go downhill. The service and support? Well, let's just say it's about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. And don't even get me started on their so-called Facebook private community. It's more like a random group of folks who couldn't care less about each other. You ask a question and you're lucky if two out of the 65 people who read it bother to respond. That ain't no community, let me tell ya.

If you try to get some help from the coaches, good luck. You gotta email some customer service email instead of reaching out directly to the coach. And even then, if customer service can't handle it, they just pass it on like a hot potato. And don't even think about asking a question in the Facebook group. You'll get a half-hearted response, if you're lucky, and then they shut down the conversation without warning. Talk about a slap in the face.

And let me tell ya, those customer service folks? They're about as responsive as a snail on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You send 'em an email and you might as well be waiting for a dang eternity. And if you dare to email someone else because you're desperate for a response, they'll scold you like a schoolmarm for not sticking to the email they told you to use. But hey, how can you stick to an email that ain't getting you no response?

These people couldn't care less about us students/customers. It's all about them, them, them. They're only interested in doing the bare minimum and getting away with it. They set up this whole shebang to benefit themselves, not us poor saps who forked over a hefty fee. It's a real shame, I tell ya.

There's a huge gap between what they promise you on those fancy consult calls and what they actually deliver. It's the classic case of overpromising and underdelivering. And let me tell ya, I got so fed up with 'em that I ended up being downright rude. Can ya blame me? The problems with customer service, email responses, and Facebook coach interactions started right from day one. I handed over $2,000 AUD and I can't even get a dang response to get started. It's a real kick in the teeth.

The whole vibe of this place is all about serving themselves, not us poor souls who trusted 'em. They take zero responsibility for their actions and couldn't care less about resolving any issues. They treat us students like we're a bunch of misbehaving kids. I mean, it's no surprise considering the founder used to be a kindergarten teacher. That mentality seeps into everything they do.

Let me tell ya, this whole situation left me feeling distressed, disrespected, and downright deceived. They don't deliver what they promise, plain and simple. So do yourself a favor, don't waste your hard-earned money or your sanity on this mess.

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