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Reviews and Complaints

Real Canadian Superstorepayment but was accused to steal

I sent you one complain at this Tuesday afternoon. But I still didnot receive your any feeback. If I still didnot receive your feedback by tomorrow afternoon at 4:00pm, I have to sue the Superstore at 8th Street East Saskatoon.
I bought two creams on Monday. But I did not know that the package has been changed. So I think I bought wrong one. On Tuesday afternoon at about 1:45pm, I went to the Superstore and wanted to exchange it. But after I saw several creams, I found that I bought the correct one. So I left the Superstore. But a lady stopped me at the parklot. She said that I did not pay the cream. Then I showed her the receipt. But she told me that she think the receipt was strange. Then my husband and I went to the customer services. The two men, managers came there. After heairng my story, he told me that he would investigate this thing.
But till today, I did not receive any feedback. If I did not receive your feedback, I will sue you.

Jianti Yang

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Nov 30, 2019

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    This is about my previous complain of Case Number: 06330275 [ ref:_00D41Mmpa._5003f1xMBM:ref . You only gave me the answer of "The challenge is that theft has indeed become an ever-increasing problem in our stores, which is why all store colleagues need to ensure that certain procedures are enforced quite strictly. ... " Do you suspect every customer is a thief?
    From this thing begining to the end, I have proof to demonstrate I am innocent. I have receipt. But the lady suspected the receipt. The bar code number on the receipt is the same as that on the cream. But the manager suspected it. He told us that he had vidio. Here, I want to say that he has seen the full vidio? Did he see that I took out the cream from my own bag?
    Till now I did not receive any feedback from the lady and the managers at 8th street east in Saskatoon. He definitely told me that he will give me the feedback next day.
    Is it difficult to say sorry to me?


  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 01, 2019

    Do you mean that if I am suing, this shows that I am guilty? It is too ridiculous. I have evidence to show whose is guilty. If you want, my lawyer can show you that.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 02, 2019

    Are you threatening me? Because I have the evidence and innocent, I must win this case. So you just pay the lawyer fee. If you don't say sorry to me, I must sue you!!!

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 02, 2019

    With your attitude and behavior towards customers, you are not suitable for this job. I advise you to quit this job as soon as possible, in case not to cause trouble for your company. Your working profermance and problem-solving skills are low.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 03, 2019

    I don't care where you are. I only care about my complain. So your answer should follow my complain.
    But your performance not only made me see your poor working ability but also made me see your ugly soul.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 03, 2019

    I have complained your customer services on the customer, before, at the beginning of this complain. I only want you to say sorry to me. Don't you see them?
    So from the beginning, you deviated from the subject.
    You responded to the customer with some abusive words, and your boss will fire you if you see them. As a old customer of SUPERSTORE, I am ashamed of your actions and words.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 03, 2019

    Your performance is not professional.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 03, 2019

    You have violated law.

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 04, 2019

    Do you represent Superstore to speak with me?

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 04, 2019

    But why can you communicate with me on Superstore website?

  • Updated by Janet Yang · Dec 07, 2019

    After seeing the video, yesterday the Superstore at 8th street in Saskatoon said sorry to me. And I was also given a little compensation. Do you want to say sorry to me?

  • Ja
    Janet Yαng Dec 02, 2019

    Everyone I have a confession to make. The truth is that I really did steal the ice cream. I wanted to try a new flavour and I did not have money on me. I also thought that the price was too high. So I stole the ice cream. I did not think that they would make a big deal over $5. Nor did I think that I would get caught. But since I did get caught. I admit that I stole the ice cream.

    As for bring my mother into this discussion. She is the one that is making me confess. I confessed to her that I stole the ice cream. When she said that I had to confess I got so angry at her that I punched her in the face. She now wants to press charges against me. She told me that if I did not confess to stealing the ice cream that she would let them know about what I told her. This is when I punched her in the face and now she is consideing pressing charges.

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  • Zachary2001 Dec 03, 2019

    Why are you posting this for the world to see. If you are going to take someone to court they can look at your posts and try to use them against you. WIth the way you are replying to anyone if they use this against you in court the judge will think you are some nutter without manners. You do not have criminal record from this. Unless it affected you you have no case. You can always claim that this caused mental distress but even that would have to be proven.

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  • Zachary2001 Dec 06, 2019

    But why can you communicate with me on Superstore website?

    This is not a Real Canadian Superstore website. You can complain about any company from Mcdonalds giving you only 69 fries while your friend had 72. To the Mafia threatening to kill you because you did not repay the $1000 loan. There are complaints from all over the world. The the title of this website is complaintsboard. The Real Canadian Superstore is just one of the thousand companies that you can complain about. This site is more to do with letting other's know that you had a terrible experience, sort of to gripe about the situation. Basically it is a site to let off steam.

    If you want to complain about Real Canadian Superstore you need to contact them directly with the information given on the top right hand site where it gives the email address and phone number.The others are replying because this is public forum. You can respond if you want. You really should have gotten to know the type of website this is BEFORE posting. You really should have contacted a lawyer before posting because they would discourage you to post this online. Even if it were a general Superstore complaint site they would not encourage them to contact them if taking legal action, at least not without them being present.

    By posting on a public site one can impersonate you and claim that you "confessed" to stealing as worstfist did by creating a duplicate account.

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