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Crunch Fitnesspersonal training contract scam - request a refund


my name is Youjin Kim. I have a membership at College Park, Toronto location.

I got a personal trainer since March 2019, and I was assured that I am only obliged to get a three-month contract, and after that I can cancel the sessions at any time. So, I payed for the sessions from March 2019 to May 2019.

I talked to the manager named Steven Zorbas in-person in April that I want to pause my payment from June. He said, he arranged for that right away. BUT, IN JUNE MY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT WENT THROUGH.

It is not a small amount of money. It's nearly a thousand dollar, and that month, my budget for vacation was ruined because of that. I tried to email him and call him for 2 months, but he hasn't given me a refund. The last email, which was 3 weeks ago he sent me was that he will talk to the headquarter. I am tired of waiting, and I want the refund for June immediately. I think two months are reasonable time that I gave you guys to fix the situation. Please take an action immediately.


Youjin Kim