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would not let me return

On oct / 15 / 08

I tried returning a mastercraft jigsaw.
I was working with it the day before, after just using it for a few minutes the whole complete front unit flew apart.
The saw was then useless. I thought because it was a mastercraft it was guaranteed for life. Guess I was mistaken. The girl at the return said it was only guaranteed for 3 years. That's funny I always thought, and heard mastercraft stood behind their products. I guess I was wrong. Not to mention the snotty girl said it was only guaranteed for 3 years. And was discontinued. That's also funny, you do the math, it was discontinued in 2005. This is 2008. Funny that's not 3 years is it.
After this expierence I will not be shopping with your company ever again.

P. S I am a contractor and do a lot of job's, but it will not be with canadian tire products, or tools ever again.

  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Oct 20, 2008

    "that's olso funny, you do the math, it was dicontinuied in 2005.
    This is 2008. funny that's not 3 year's is it."

    Here let me do the math
    2005+3=2008 could you dumb it down a shade?
    5+3=8 spare me your math mumbo jumbo
    Alright: you+simple math=wrong answer.


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  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Oct 20, 2008

    Just have to share a story although it is not directly related to this complaint.

    Anyway so I work at a ct in alberta and its a pretty good job most people are great and honest but there is always that 2% that screw you over no matter where you work. any so a guy comes in with with an energizer brand car battery wanting to return it with his receipt. well we only sell motomaster batteries and have never sold or never will sell energizer brand batteries for cars. so I promptly looked at his receipt and only saw a phone number and address no company logo. he insisted he bought it at a canadian tire, so I phoned the number and guess what a walmart phone greeting is on the other end. surprise. so I explain to him that he did not buy it here or any other canadian tire. he calls me a liar. this kind of blows me away as I had just phoned the number on the receipt, so I phone ti again and put it on speaker so the idiot can listen to the walmart greeting. he listens and responds "you must have put someone on the other end up to that, I know I bought it at canadian tire". with a long line forming I ask him to leave as he is being an idiot and he can phone customer relations.

    Moral of the story dont believe all the complaints you read here.

    2 Votes
  • Br
    Brian Nov 26, 2008

    I also work at the customer service desk at canadian tire and I must respond to the complaint that has been given. if a customer just picks up the box, he will find on the outside of the box of all mastercraft power tools, the warranty is clearly stated. the common misconception is that all mastercraft has a lifetime warranty. that is not the case. that is the case for hand tools. so first of all, if the complainer knew how to read, he would have understood the warranty on the product. secondly, in order for any product to be guaranteed, the customer must keep their receipt. I can gather by this incoherent rambling, that our complainer clearly did not have his. this will show the customer service representative at the desk when the product was purchased and they can verify whether the product is still under its warranty or not. without the receipt there is very little that can be done because, how would the service desk representative know you're not just another jack knob returning something they abused and that is way beyond the warranty period. finally, you, mr. complainer, seem like a real pleasant individual to work with. (that is sarcasm, should you understand the definition of this word.) your suggestion that because your return was not possible, given the policies she must follow, makes her a snotty girl, suggests to me that you already had an opinion about her and an attitude of intolerance because you are somehow better than her in your mind. it is likely that this girl is only there to make money for her education, much like myself, and she is likely to someday turn out to be your boss. this is a comment based on your lack of sentence structure and improper grammar, which just told me you're not that smart. before you make yourself out to be better than anyone else, please try and exercise your brain somewhat and formulate a rational argument. this again proves to me that though customers always think they are right, they often are not. often times they're not only wrong, but they are #s as well. thank you for another confirmation of that.

    1 Votes
  • Pe
    peterpan01010 May 16, 2010

    The guy is a contractor, so he beats the hell out of the tool for 3 years and finally it breaks down due to normal wear and tear and he actually expects the warranty to take care of that? in case he doesn't know, the warranty is against d e f e c t s not normal wear and tear or abuse!

    This is besides the fact the tool was out of warranty etc.

    I challenge our illiterate complainer friend to find a power tool with a written life time warranty that will cover home use as well as commercial use. good luck buddy.

    2 Votes
  • Df
    dfadfa Sep 02, 2010

    I thought it was for life too... I just saw my dad take a screwdriver back to Canadian Tire because it broke... the thing was definitely around before I was born...

    1 Votes
  • Mr
    MrFixIt Oct 06, 2010

    I also had an issue with mastercraft customer care; my plunging router, which I had for maybe 4 years, stopped working a few weeks ago. even if it has been working only 7-8 hours during those 4 years, I knew that the waranty was only 3 years. no problem, I am quite handy and found out that the problem was with the brushes, a $5 part easy to replace. so I called their toll-free number to purchase a pair of brushes and I was answered that they recently changed the model and they don't carry spare parts for my model, as it is discontinued. so when you buy mastercraft tools, don't expect them to last more than waranty! if any cheap part breaks, you can't fix and have to buy a new one. (what about environment???) it's like having to discard your '67 mustang because they don't make mufflers for this car any more!!! I had just bough a $150 mastercraft nailer a few weeks ago; I put it back in the box, returned it and got refunded; no more mastercraft tools for me!

    -2 Votes
  • Pe
    Pepsi Girl Sep 27, 2011

    Comments: I am writing about my mastercraft compact cordless
    Screwdriver set.. it is not working after a full charge it works when it
    Wants to. it has a 3 year warrenty through mc and upc code 6-93513 79903-7
    I dont have the receipt as it was a gift. how do I go about that.. I have had it only a year or so.. no more then 2???

    -1 Votes
  • H.Billy Aug 04, 2014

    The lifetime warranty applies to hand tools only (not power ones). so the saw was discontinued in 2008? 3 year warranty? cool... you could have bought it back in 2003 for all we know, 3 minus 8 equals 5... so keep your receipt and don't buy household tools to use commercially.

    2 Votes
  • Fi
    fingers-malone Apr 17, 2016

    Twice I paid cash for dewalt drill set and just recently a mastercraft sump pump this adds up to about five hundred dollars in cash, both broke before there warranty ran out, I misplace the receipt on both items, when I tried to return the products the same excuse was used. "I can not accept them because I would be out the amount from the company" by the management. so now I am a thief, so the motto is this, dont pay cash, dont lose or misplace your receipt... dont buy from canadian tire store in thunder bay ontario canada, never never never deal with the store... they will treat you like a thief even on there own product...in front of customers,

    -1 Votes
  • H.Billy Apr 17, 2016

    How is Canadian Tire supposed to know the Dewalt drill was "theirs"? Dewalt products are sold by many stores, if it was a Canadian Tire branded item then sure you may have a point...but how is the staff supposed to know when the drill was bought? Say the drill was bought 5 years ago and had a 3 year warranty, without proof they would never get compensation from Dewalt. I don't know how paying cash makes a difference unless you keep credit card statements for years...but I sort of doubt that since it appears that you can't keep receipts very long either...

    -1 Votes
  • Ca
    CanadianHawk Jun 19, 2018

    The average complainer normally over exaggerates on their stories. yes for warranty on power tools specifies must have receipt. if you don't have it then shut up and accept it. if you [censored] about it then you are the one that any stores should not deal or sell to you. for all complainers they should tagged at the store on the wall of complainers to advise all customer care agents and cashier that they may have issues and may have to explain the full warranty information to the buyer and high light the info possibly print it out on a bill board for them to read and understand. maybe even give a warranty crash course when buying a tool since so many complainers don't care they just love causing [censored]. to all complainer I salut you by waving my middle finger high up in the air. and please keep your receipt and read the warranty information and the fine print: "must have receipt, all power tools are warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase". if you don't like canadian tire then stop shopping there. don't bash them unless your ok if they bash you

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    Mark306 Apr 29, 2019

    Did he have photo ID...gotta stop fraud..haha shop online get it shipped right o your door...we are now in 2019...soon there will be no more bricks and motar...everything online and shipped to your door...ROCK AUTO cheap parts...yay half price sometimes

    0 Votes

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