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Reviews and Complaints

Canadian Tire verified

treatment of employees

I am writing to you to inform you how displeased and outraged I am with Cranbrook BC Canadian Tires manager Dean Jackson's Interaction with certain employees in Cranbrook BC. Dean has recently made a threat to an employee who put in his holiday time in December for spring break (March)that "yes he can go away on his holiday for 9 days but he may not have his job when he gets back." This may be a scare tactic that Dean believes will scare or intimidate them so badly that they will cooperate and comply. However, for a young student these words can not only be very intimidating but also can have irreparable damage when they are dependent on having an income coming in. What Dean is doing to these young individuals is illegal and I hope Canadian Tire takes this complaint seriously as I will not hesitate on taking further action if this individual loses his job after he returns from holidays.
Thank you