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Work at Home, By Most Complaints | Page 2

Earn Google Cash kit / cancel my order


i would like to cancel my order but couldn't get through live operator or called the number of operator that have been given.someone plz help me.

Lead Generation System / Not Generating As Many Leads as They Say

This company advertises a Lead Generation System that you can just plug into and generate between 25-50 leads a day for your MLM business. They also claim that with this system you will also make money from the 98% of your leads that do not join your business. Well, I have been using thi...

Thrive Learning Institute / Infusion Media / Thrive/Infusion Scam


Greed! Greed has happened to many in this country. What was wrong with making a 10-15% profit and not cheating individuals for your own personal gain? Some people want more and will lie, cheat, and steal to get your money, so they can have more at your expense and you have less. You...

hazel peppergood,work at home / send 62.00#never recieved what was promissed

contactet hazel peppergood for"work at home"offer.she promissed we get a book in the mail whitin two weeks, send here $62.00, now 4 month later never recieved a thing. SHE"S A CON ARTIST somoene needs to put a stop to this scam.

Ryan Jackson's automatic wealth system / refused support,refused to refund money

I have the same problems with Ryan Jackson I can never get help and I called several times and was told on my last call I made that because I purchased the $49 start up kit I was not ellagible for support and that they would not help. then I was told by them to contact my mentor Colby Seal...

Optimus Group / Same company as Dereon Inc.


Dear, __________ This was emailed to me after I sent in my resume to CareerBuilder. I immediately realized it must be a scam and when I checked further, I found out that the company must have just changed its name from Dereon Inc. due to too many complaints. I noticed that at the bottom of...

Unixinfo / Give Fake report after work

Mac lare on Mar 10, 2011

hiii, I want say that about company be'coz this is Scam company...i have done work with this company...when i send my work they give fake report...after i asked for that they told me prove that if you are right i also prove my work but they are not convince for that...they told you...

Universal info services, surat / Fraud in typing work payment

Mihir Soni on May 2, 2011

Universal Info Services, 302, corporate house, Adajan, Surat. This co. is fraud cheater gang co. This is not existed. i personally went to take my payment of rs. 13000/- they communicate on mobile only. and make fraud at the time of after submitting your work. Pehle bolte kuch aur fir bad...

Thrive Learning Institute / Scammed out of thousands

minocarp on May 16, 2011

This Company advertises themselves as a business school offering a team atmosphere to guide you on building your own online company. They apparently charge everyone differently and scam as much money out of you as a start up price and then finance the rest with a company called Momentum...

Cyber Online Jobs / Be Aware Of Cyber Crime

Anti CyberCrime Karachi on Jan 1, 2012

Be Aware! A Person named “SAEED” & his partner “FAIZA (OR NIDA)” is running a fraud business from Karachi City. He is running Fraud Company with different names, which are, Cyber Online Jobs, Global Online Jobs & now with new name Net Line Jobs & Alpha Online Job...

SpeakWrite / Deceptive Business Practices

Anonymous715 on Jul 6, 2012

This attorney owned company deliberately calls its employees independent contractors. They have a 600 page rule book that you have to work from or get fired. This rule book violates every IRS rule in existence. They don't pay their employees properly. We work over 40 hours, make le...

Susan Zwickel / Online Business Builders / FRAUD

earl wells on Feb 15, 2013

In early Oct, 2012, Susan Zwickel contacted me about an online inquiry I had made. I was sent a starter package, no cost.After receiving the package, I followed the directions. We talked again and I said I wanted to think about it. 2 days later I was charged $ 250.00 on credit card that... / is a biggest fraud company

karan0 on Feb 26, 2013

Hi everyone, I am Ejaz..i am a victim of had joined this company in jan month 2013..they gave me classified sites list along with ad matter..but their classified sites were useless.only 40% sites were working out of 3000..their minimum target is 1500 ads but i could...

RC Infotech / Not Giving the pay back for the data entry work done by the candidates

Frustrated Grl on Jun 18, 2014

Hi totally four members from our family have taken the data entry form filling work one after the other from RC info tech headed by Jaya Balan by paying Rs5000/- each. It is such a fraud company. So please don't believe in paying the money. They are Such a fraud people. I have taken...

Tettrees / Fraud company

tkaf on Jun 16, 2015

Tettrees is a number company in Tamilnadu. Till we are paying registration fees they will have conversation like a friend to us after paying fees they never response us. They will promote there own company thro SMS sending job, thro adposting they recruite the people n they have some more...

Call Center QA / Bogus Job Listing

Reviewer81132 on Oct 5, 2015

I applied for this job at It required to fill out an online form and make a call from a couple of choices. I never heard back from the company but have gotten calls day and night from a local university. It is pure harassment to get the person who fills out the form to enroll so they make a commission not a job. / Lead Generator Work at Home

Reviewer61162 on Dec 30, 2015

My name is George worked for this company...made 4 leads...said they will pay in 48 hrs...Its now been 3 weeks and all email sent I have not receive any response... Be careful working for this company as they have not paid me or even gave me a reason explaining why.

HQ Language Services, Consuelo Speranza / Payment not received in the translation industry

JeanGG on Sep 12, 2016

Ms. Consuelo Speranza from HQ Language Services made me believe that she was hiring me for translation work-from-home. She paid small contracts that we had agreed on but when came the time for me to do a 700$ USD contract, she just took my translation work (English to French) and refused...

Penbrook Productions/Angela Penbrook / A COMPLETE SCAM

I received an ad in my e-mail to process rebates from home on my computer. Sounded to good to be true and I should have deleted it--but I paid my $197 on my Capital One credit card (good move). I was supposed to be able to download an instruction manual and start work and earning right...

A.W.Surveys / They didn't paid me for the for over 200 member i have created


I have register with a company name A.W.Surveys. They clam that they will pay me $1.25 for every member i will create online. I have make over 200 members on there account and and when i send the request to send me the cash. The total no. of member are gone are gone and they didn't...