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Metropcs / my wifi/internet/data

Manuel padilla on May 27, 2017

Hello ever since I got metro every month there has been a problem with the internet that I have to go to one of your stores or call customer service recently I got so tired of it I bought an unlimited plan but ever since I got it (three days from when I'm posting this) it freezes, lag...

La Senza / bra selection

Neeru Malhotra on May 21, 2017

I bought two bras from the store at Select City Mall at Delhi without being aware of the different types of cuts available at the store, I bought two different cuts. As a result one style only fitted me well and the other kept on troubling me but I continued to wear it as I had washed it...

Brookstone Law / mortgage

Estella Dominguez on May 18, 2017

Brookstone law took over 8, 000 to 10, 000 from me promising that they could help me with my mortgage. They said they could get me a fixed rate and to stop paying my mortgage. When it went in for closure they said not to worry they would stop it. When I tried to get a hold of them they no...

Freelancer Technology / / /

YG Marius on May 15, 2017

Hello my friends. I hope you are doing great. From personal experience, just recently I have hard times with They won’t give me my money that I worked for in a valid contest. They have to give me 166gbp. But they are scam, they told me that the contest was closed...

Taco Cabana / employee

Catalina Muñoz on May 13, 2017

Today my husband and I went to Taco Cabana on Hiway 635 and Cypress Waters in Irving, Texas as is our custom, we go there twice a week or more.We have been going there since they close the one on Airport Freeway and Story.Anyway we like the employees a lot, they see us walk in the door and...

Tissa CC, The Income Solution / Work from home, make money

pretora on May 11, 2017

Who makes really money with this packages? Guys if you don't make money within fourteen days must ask refund otherwise won't get refund after fourteen days, nice trick of them to catch people that way to make money and secondly packages overlap and must pay for it for access and...

Hoi / late delivery of parcel

123Joanne123 on May 8, 2017

HoiAirway Bill No: [protected] Out of Delivery: 4/5/17 (Thurs) As per info above, i did not received my parcel until todate (9/5/17) which sent out on 4/5/17 until todate. i am not sure how many days your despatch need to take to send out the parcel. After i checked from portal, its shown...

Achieve Today Prosper / Online coaching how to make money

Teresa Fonger on May 2, 2017

Well in 2004 i was contacted by phone from one of their salesmen on how i can learn to make money online for 3000.00 to sign up for online classes and they would walk me thru each step with coaches and online seminars and classes i did all that but the personal coaches were not helpful and...

Rick hasselbacher / Brake flaring tool item number 31244

Fo on Apr 29, 2017

Rick hasselbacherTool worked great at start but then it started miss aligning when using the OP1 end. The bottom block on the tool does not let tube seat in right causing it to miss align on the roll. Tried putting oil on block but did not help. As you can see in pictures it almost starts to double roll...

Freelancer Technology / / /

khan shahrukh on Apr 27, 2017

First they put my account to verification i am their old user since 2014 i had 5.8 earning rating in my account and 120+ good reviews, they harrased me for 2-3 months they dont reply to my mail fast they then they put my account to limited they were only supporting to the client i wa...

Canada Post / not being buzzed by post person when I was at home waiting for the parcel.

Shirley cain on Apr 26, 2017

My post person never buzzed my apartment, when I was waiting for a parcel from work. Which I had to report to work that I could not do my activity, which they are not happy about. Post person left delivery notice, which means I can not pick it up until.1p.m. April 27. This is not...

Freelance Interpreter / Medical interpreting

Dimitry Podkolzin on Apr 25, 2017

I have come to a hospital to translate for a client as their insurance company sent me there. When I arrive I am told they have their own interpreters. Fine by me. Imagine my horror to behold a computer screen being pulled up to the bedside with a woman in it who speaks Russian with an...

Dollar General / bad customer service

texas flower on Mar 31, 2017

Went to the Dollar General on [protected] Auth# 589875 My visit for today was to purchase Clorox wipes and disinfectant spray for work. Get to the counter put all my items on the counter and notice the cashier was on the phone the whole time she was cashing me out. Got back to work and realize my...

Tim Hortons / cafe mocha/ hot chocolate

Houserunner on Mar 29, 2017

Please accept this submission as a formal complaint. On two occassions I have attended at a drive thru at two Tim Hortons locations in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The first location, John Street Sault Ste Marie, approx. end of February 2017. I ordered a Cafe Mocha at the drive thru. Upon...

Coles Nerang / Regular 3 star mince $7.00 kilo

Nicole Paul on Mar 26, 2017

As a loyal Coles customer we have found the above mince has become absolutely terrible. The mince is slimy & glugy. It's appearance has also changed to a pale color. It's horrible to cook with and my pets won't even eat it anymore. Now, for my cat not to eat something he loves means these...

Kendra Scott / The silver necklaces.

Taylor Prescott on Mar 24, 2017

Kendra ScottI spent the "low cost" of one of your necklaces figuring it was atleast a sterling silver through out, only to find out that the month I had the necklace all of the "silver" had rubbed off to an ugly brown which also gave me a very painful rash on my neck. I'm so disappointed to have spent...

UpWork / Upwork suspended my account without notice

hirengohel on Mar 24, 2017

Hello sir/mam, 2 Month ago Upwork permanent suspended my account. Last 4 years i am working only on Upwork. This is only way my income. I am Loyal member of upwork. I am started working on 2010. Many time i am sending request regarding account reopen but upwork not responding very...

Candy Crush Saga / candy crush bank.

miriamolmo on Mar 23, 2017

On March 23 2017 I was playing the Candy Crush Game, when I wanted to buy Gold from the Bank, I press for 10 Gold bars for 99 cents and did get another. I try it another 4 times and get only l. Can you please correct the situation. This problem happens alot. If this continue I will have to... / Unethically low pay—below minimum wage

User77000 on Mar 18, 2017

Potential workers: Be forewarned, this is a company while they pay on-time, what they pay their transcriptionists is unethically low, substantially less than even minimum wage. You will not make a decent living working here. Your pay will often amount to approximately $4 an hour or...

Tomtop Group / I am complaining about the jjrc drone

Maddy Euson on Mar 17, 2017

Tomtop GroupI receive the JJRC selfie Drone Thursday but I did not have the time to take it out. Because I was busy with work so today I finally take it out to try it but it wouldn't not work on any of my phones, and both of my phones or Samsung galaxy and none of the apps for the drone works on both...