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Telstar Marketing / No Pay

on Jun 14, 2012

I have also been ripped off by Telstar Marketing and John Robinson. If you go to facebook under Randy Crane it is the same picture that is on Shiftplanner under John Robinson. We all received a complaint on shiftplanning from an ex employee and I was told he was mad because he was let go... / Online jobs fraud scam company

on Jun 13, 2012

Muzammil Naseer is Honor of these company is a fraudy and cheater person of pakistan. online jobs, data entry jobs Company PKONLINEJOBS & E-FILLING.CO.UK is completely fraud, scam firm. Company: pkonlinejobs Job type: Part-Time Type: Data entry jobs online data Pl posting job provider i...

Dollar PTR - Email Processing & AD Reviewing / Don't Trust Dollar PTR! Even If Your A Premium Member!

on Jun 7, 2012

I signed up to, and its suppose to be online home employment. As a free member your suppose to reach 25.000 before you even get to cash out. The job is reading emails, and clicking banner ads daily. Emails worth $100, banner ads worth $50-$100. I upgraded as a premium... / No compensation

on Jun 4, 2012

firstpagesolutions.comI worked for Brian Smith approximately two weeks. (From my home office) He promised to send me money as compensation for time I put in to be trained. His leads, led to a former, unsatisfied customer. He stated he sent me out a check . Check never came. I am sorry I ever referred anyone...

online scam jobs / fraud job providers

on Jun 2, 2012

online scam jobsThis is ranjith from Nammakal, I used to join this company before 4 months, but still i cant able to earn as a single paise from this company. This person explains about data typing, content writting, proof verification job.. but still i did not get any amount from this company. don't...

Student of Fortune / Student of Fortune Poor Customer Service

on May 30, 2012

Dear founder of Student of Fortune, I was a tutor on student of fortune but yesterday, when I tried to Log in to my account, it says account locked. Then I found an email saying that my account was locked due to poor tutorials. This is the exact conversation that I had with student of...

Amit info service .com / Amit info service is a 100% scam company

on May 23, 2012

My dear Friend's I am Somnath dey A member of AMITINFOSERVICE.COM Amitabha Bhadra is a director of this company . Amit info service is a scam company and Amitabha Bhadra . Data enty/adposting/matrimonial service even all product are just a registration selling business. Every day he...

Mystery Shopper Online / Not legitimate

on May 18, 2012

This company states that they want you to be a mystery shopper online for them. They promise to pay "biweekly" and to assist with any problems. They did provide upfront money for products that needed to be purchased, but they ended up sending me to companies that took extra from my credit... / fraud

on May 11, 2012

the email I received, supposedly from my niece, contained this link along with the preface "you should check this out" my niece knows that I am recently widowed and am going to have to reluctantly find a job, at least part time, in order to survive. Since she was aware of my situation, I thought...

Telstar Marketing / Don't pay employees

on May 7, 2012

I am a former employee of Telstar Marketing. Although the CEO of this company calls himself Mark Nash, his actual name is Randy Crane, also known as the CEO of Tele-Pros Inc. There are countless reports on various rip off websites online, by both clients and employees, against Randy Crane and...

Amit Info Service / Cheat Company

on May 4, 2012

Amit Info Service is a [censored] Company... Never payment For candidate in Monthly Schemes .. So, Never Join This Company.. I am the candidate of amit info service... I am join in Gangarampur Franchisee (West Bengal) But I Could Not Received any payment. My ID- ais06144a Please Friend Never... / services

on May 1, 2012

I have tried the service provided on this website but the information are not giving the desired results. Can anyone help...Please ???

exceltelemedia / sacking by someone who doesn't know the job

on Apr 25, 2012

i have worked for exceltelemedia for some time now and majority of the time had no problems. however today i was sacked by one of their staff who admitted to me few weeks back when she called to introduce herself that she had never or would ever do this form of work but had been brought in... / internet fraud

on Apr 16, 2012

corbindata.comHi Guys, Beware of which offers Home based data entry jobs with a fascinating income offer. They contact you saying a new job vacancy is available for all those who wish to do home based data entry job and send you the application format.Once you fill it up and send they will...

Amit Info Service / Part Time Job or Data Entry Job or Work At Home

on Apr 15, 2012

Amit Info ServiceAmit Info Service is currently looking for Ad Publishing workers worldwide. Get Paid Rs.5/- & Rs.7/- Per Publishing. Maximum Earning per Month is Rs.14, 000/-. You don't need any prior experience to work online entering data. Access to the Internet and basic computer knowledge is all...

Corbin E-books and Data Conversion Inc / Fraud

on Apr 13, 2012

Corbin E-books and Data Conversion IncHello, First the below info of the website and the man who is doing this is the website of the softwarethat you will use in your job is the website that sent me the offer Payment receiver’s name ( Paul Theodor )(Dinulescu ) sos.Vitan Barzesti...

Stripes39 / Possible Freelance Writing Scam

on Apr 10, 2012

This is an Internet Content and Marketing company that I believe to be scamming writers as a legitimate freelance writing job. Now I'm not positive about this, and if I'm wrong I'll talk this down, but I'm pretty sure they're scamming writers. They have thier job...

Focused Production Is / used my articles without paying me

on Apr 2, 2012

Focused Production IsHi, One Mr Deandrea took my services in writing content for his e book and has been dilly dallying with no intention of making payment. In the beginning he paid one installment of USD20. Thereafter he has not paid and has misused my trust and cheated me of my hard work and dedication. I...

universal info services / Working style of Universal info services

on Mar 22, 2012

Respected Sir, Complaint against Universal Infoservices 38/611, First Floor, G.H.B, Behind New Mental Road Near Meghaninagar Last Bus Stop Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad – 380016 Contact number: [protected] [protected]/17/18 Lots of complaint available on many website against universal info...

Amy Miller / Won't pay writers

on Mar 21, 2012

Amy Miller outsources writing projects she receives via Elance. Although typical practice when outsourcing is that you pay your writers for their work, then you get paid when it's submitted to the client. Also, it is not typical for a person to keep money (especially the majority of...

Zenith Forex Enterprises / No response!

on Mar 15, 2012

I had sent Rs 2000/= by way of DD on 8th November 2011 for the Zenith Forex Enterprises job. Till now i have not received any positive response from them.I have contacted them on numerous occasions, but their replies were not positive.Once i was told that the job i was seeking was not...

PARI HELTH & LIFE INDIA SERVICES PVT LTD / Gave only 1 payment from last 5 Months

on Mar 8, 2012

I am joined PHL India with joining amount Rs.3500/ and sending messages from last 6 months. As per there instruction we will receive 1st cheque within 45 Days but i got this 1st cheque after 4 months. After that i never get any payment from company. They also closed there website ie...

L Wells & Associates / Does Not Pay her Employees

on Mar 6, 2012

Leslie Wells does not pay for hours worked. Leslie will make promises about "the check is in the mail", and " oh yes I have sent your check" and will string you along for as long as she can keep you working for her. Leslie Wells does send you a 'contract' that you will be paid...

Mobile Massage Today Inc / Failed to pay

on Mar 2, 2012

This company failed to pay me wages for working from home. First time I was paid check was one week late, , then they failed to send me the second check after mulitple back and forth checks. They still have not sent it. Also, do not buy massages from this company on any of the daily coupon...

eezy vison / need to locate software

on Feb 22, 2012

I have several eezy vision signs ready for installation. the main problem is I do not have any software to set them up...the computer that came with the signs was full of virius and therefore could not be used...can you help me find the software or give me some help. thanks larry

Dominion Worldwide Corp / Unpaid Wages

on Feb 11, 2012

I worked from home for this company for about a month and a half. The first few checks I got paid with no problem. In the first week of January, the CEO, Thomas Crain laid off everyone out of no where. He promised that he was going to pay us our last checks. Since we got paid weekly, I...

LifePharm Global Network / Laminine Affiliate Distributor Program

on Feb 6, 2012

The first thing to happen will probably be that you get drawn in to LifePharm by one of their existing affiliates/distributors trying to sell you on their current scam of a product Laminine. The real sell isn't on YOU buying the product it's selling you the $1, 100 membership fee...

online form filing work / work not send

on Feb 3, 2012

online form filing workme shailendra shrimal indore company join work me pay 6800/- 11/1/2012 me pay company ac company not work send not response please my payment return company address Ahmadabad vision job care phone no [protected] Visiob Job Care Shakuntal : 23/24/25 2nd Floor, Near Amardeep Banglow...


on Jan 24, 2012

This company from Estonia contacted me about working from home as an inspector of packages going to Russia. The process is that someone in Estonia/Russia wants to purchase an item here in the US, but that company may not ship overseas. MTB-EU will make the order, have the package shipped...

Kelly Richards / WORLDWIDE SCAM

on Jan 21, 2012

KELLY RICHARDS - WORLDWIDE SCAM: They falsely misrepresent what you are buying for *$1.95 - Varies with which country you are applying from: *This gives you a 5 day trial. On 'successful completion' monies taken immediately & directly from credit card with an 'ongoing monthly...

Trend House Company / Fraudulant job offer

on Jan 18, 2012

I received an email regarding a job offer from Trend House Company. After some research online I came across a number of their job offers and it states that: Location: CO, NM, TX OK, KS. You are free to apply if you are interested but your state is not mentioned. My email stated: Location: NJ...

autoxten / Won't Pay

on Jan 15, 2012

AutoXten has neglected all my efforts to pay up what is owed to me! To receive what is owed to you, you must fax or send a W9 form in which I have done 3 (three) times and still I don't get any response! AutoXten site was down temporarily now there is no way to contact administration... / Writing scam

on Jan 7, 2012

I am a content writer. I saw an ad in Craiglist from one Adam Britt. He asked me to write 12 articles on gambling at $0.025 a word. At first I wrote one article and submitted to him and he said it is OK and asked me to complete the set. I sent those articles and he okayed it and sent...

SSB info Service / 100% Genuin Ad Posting Company SSB Info Service Complaints & Reviews - 100% Genuin Ad Posting Company SSB Info Service

on Jan 3, 2012

SSB info ServiceWe have been associated with SSB Info Service for months regarding Online Home Based Ad Posting Jobs. They are fully reliable and responsive in all matters like report checking, payment, feedback etc. They have so many Franchisees all over India that itself should be reason enough regarding their reliability. Amit Info Service ( )

SSB info Service / Part time home based job, SMS Sending job, Copy Past Job 100%g

on Jan 3, 2012

SSB info Service100% Genuin Ad Posting Company SSB Info Service Complaints & Reviews - 100% Genuin Ad Posting Company SSB Info Service We have been associated with Amit Info Service for months regarding Online Home Based Ad Posting Jobs. They are fully reliable and responsive in all matters like report...

Cyber Online Jobs / Be Aware Of Cyber Crime

on Jan 1, 2012

Be Aware! A Person named “SAEED” & his partner “FAIZA (OR NIDA)” is running a fraud business from Karachi City. He is running Fraud Company with different names, which are, Cyber Online Jobs, Global Online Jobs & now with new name Net Line Jobs & Alpha Online Job...

IPG Group / Scam or Fraud

on Dec 10, 2011

Thank you for submitting this review. I was on that is suppose to review/research the companies listing vacancies. I applied for a 'social media rep; I was excited to see a reply in my email box a few days later. I noticed that the replyer was not from a recognizable...

Homewealth / Request a refund

on Dec 1, 2011

I received an email from a friend who saw the item of new reporting on the mother who manages to work from home by placing links on the internet for top 500 companies. This is the email i got back after paid for my membership: Dear sameh fanous Welcome to the worlds greatest home wealth...

us job assistance / they are the same scammers with a new name

on Nov 23, 2011

Here they are again. The same sick scammers from Economic Freedom Corp and Global Fortune Network are at it again. Now with a new comapny name US JOB ASSISTANCE. They are almost the same address as EFC. They are around for 2 weeks and they already have an F rating with the BBB. They called and...

Technology Bound / Scam

on Nov 11, 2011

EVERY ONE NEEDS TO FILE A COMPLAINT TO THE ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE that has been taken by these TECHNOLOGY BOUND -the more complaints they get the more action they will take and maybe people will be able to get their money back and stop them from continuing to scam people. The thing...