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Sep 2, 2015

January 12, 2015 and January 26, 2015 I ordered a custom made wig and a quick shipped wig respectively. Until now I have not received any of the products. I have called, left voice mail, I have sent e-mails and still have not received not even a courtesy call.To say that I am angry and frustrated is an understatement to say the least!!! Order # 457820 and # 457826. I am willing to accept the products since I previously had great experiences with this company. But of course If the products cannot be d Header Hi Jacqui, Thank you for your order at, we appreciate your business. If you have... / Never received my item

Jun 20, 2014

I placed an order on 1/15/14, with the expectation that my item would ship within 4-5 weeks as stated on the website. It is now 6/20/14 almost 5 months later, and my item has yet to be shipped. I have had email correspondence with Jeanette their Customer Support Representative. I have been told for the past 5 months that my item is still in production and they have no idea when my item will be shipped. The frustration of not receiving any productive feedback has caused me to dispute the charge of $212.66 from Zara Wigs. This is completely unacceptable, and extremely unprofessional. I have been as patient as one can be under the circumstances, but 5 month is just too long. - California / Shady Business Practices


There is so much to say that is wrong about This company is in the business of making lace front wigs. I was told that a custom made unit takes 6-8 weeks. First I want to address how they handle customer service. The only time you will get a prompt response is when you want to make a payment. Other than that they will take forever, like more that 24-48 hours to answer your email or phone call. If you try to contact them by phone it is even harder. It is very unlikely that they will ansewer the phone at any given time. Secondly, they use some wig maker in China. Who ever they are... - California, American Canyon / They do not send what I pay for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a complaint I would like to make on I ordered from this company three times in total enough mistakes for others to learn from anyhow, the first time I got what I ordered, I thought that my first experience with them was okay so I ordered from them again. The next time I ordered they sent me the wrong wig; it was nothing like the pictures so I sent it back. I called the company to explain the situation and I did not get anyone at first. I left a message and then "Michelle" called me back explaining to me that she received the wig and will be sending me back the correct wig... / Terrible Service


July '09 I was suppose to take 6 - 8 weeks to get my custom wig. I should have known something when the consultant told me to contact Zarawigs directly. When I called Zarawigs the number, at the time, was disconnected so I called the consultant back to have her give me the status of my wig. I waited 10 weeks to get my wig and when it came in it was no where near the description that I requested. I wanted a number 2 with number 6 highlights and the whole wig was number 6 with a few number 2 low lights. So instead of a primarily dark wig, I got a blond Beyonce type color. I requested a... - California / Bad business practice


I am writting this complaint to advise people contemplating on ordering form ZARAWIGS.COM to not order from them. Althought their prices are decent their customer service is horrible. The owner Michelle is so dam rude and disrespectful to customers who spend their hard earned money for her products it is unbelievable. First of all a custom made lace front unit they state takes 6-8 weeks to produce. But actually you can end up waiting up to three months to get your unit. Plus while you are waiting and trying to contact customer service they rarely answer the phone, then when you get someone...