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Sep 18, 2015

I wasn’t happy after I have purchased from I bought shoes, but the seller provided the shoe of different sizes. I spoke with him and he wasn’t polite and almost yelled at me, but he agreed to change the shoes. I returned these shoes 3 weeks ago, but the seller didn’t inform me that the new pair was sent. He kept silence and really irritated me, because I needed to call him, but he was impolite with me and it was the last time, when I purchased from this company. / Size was wrong and shoes for one leg

Jul 25, 2015

My friend and I ordered two pairs of heels from the company We received the heels today, but the company mixed the order and delivered wrong size and my heels were for one leg. I was so upset and we returned the heels back. As well as we paid for the return postage, but the seller still hasn’t compensated it. I didn’t like the situation and how they treated their customers. / The shoes were in awful condition

Jul 02, 2015

I bought shoes from the website The shoes arrived in terrible condition. One shoe was torn and the smell was strong. I left bad review on the website, but the seller deleted it and didn’t react to my emails. I only want money back, because I think that such shoes don’t cost such sum. Please, be careful and better find another website with shoes. / Still no one changed my shoes

May 29, 2015

I bought one pair of shoes from the company I bought size US 5, but these scammers sent me size US7. Of course, it didn’t fit me, so I returned the purchase back. After that I received the email from the seller, who told me that they would change the shoes and sent it to me within 2 days. After that no news from the seller and still no delivery of the order. This seller is liar.