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World of Warcraft Complaints & Reviews

World of Warcraft / Disreputable services being cheated

Jun 25, 2014

A inability to complete achievement goals as goal counter goes backward. I have visual evidence. A simple goal has taken 5 years and is not achievable. I have attached 2 images the first is from the beginning of this year, the second is dated today. As you can see the counters have gone backward. My actual last count should be 2, 582 is where I left off. This is a scam to keep you playing and paying. A totally dishonest practice. Never mind all the verbal abuse and harassment you get from supposedly random players that watch Your character. So who watches players, I am thinking blizzard employees. I an ordinary person doesn't really care what anyone else does or have the time to observe.

World of Warcraft - California / Banned Account

Jan 27, 2012

Read below. Banned without an idea as to what I did wrong. Top enhancement shaman on my server [email protected] Nathaniel Soria Smaulz @ Ravenholdt I'm not sure what I've been banned for.. but I was in the middle of an instance and was kicked right now while tanking. This is my primary auction house character that I buy and sell using the remote auction house.. not sure if that has anything to do with it or what. #1 44 minutes ago Nathaniel Soria Smaulz @ Ravenholdt I'm wondering if maybe because my credit card didn't go through once because of dumb 24 hour fitne...

World of Warcraft - North Carolina / Hacking and in game theives. Plz read very important


My account was resently hacked and Blizzard basically said it was my fault and that it was my computer that was hacked not anything on their end. I'm a computer programmer, Due to my job it is very protected. For Blizzard to take zero fault in that is unexceptable they have my credit card info and all my personal info. Now I am worried this hacker has it and is using it and the only way for me to know if it is, is to get a credit report which damages my credit everytime I request one. Also within the same week an in game theive stole things from me and when I asked what would happen to...

World of Warcraft - Texas / Scams


BE WARNED! Crafting on your own in WoW is next to impossible without the usage of the Auction House (AH), which has been horribly corrupted by private businesses. These private businesses employ players to gather crafting materials such as ore, and charging outrageous prices for these items through the AH. If you go out on your own and try to find these materials, you won't find them. The resources are exhausted everywhere you go. Watch for level 1 players with silly names like "Dklfjabeb". These are the bad guys. When you find out that what I am saying is true, you'll find those offer...

World of Warcraft - Washington / I've lost my boyfriend to WoW


Seriously, is there a WoW Players Anonymous? My boyfriend lives in Sweden and I live in USA. That's not really the problem. See, he bought me WoW as a gift, so that we can play together. He's played for about 5 yrs and I just started July '09. Since he didn't have a level 80 yet, he had fun starting a druid with me. His paladin was only about 62 at the time. Now after so many months, he's leveled his paladin to 80. And our druids are only about 54. But he's very bored with the druids now that he's an 80. I don't play with him much anymore :( He is very...

World of Warcraft - Missouri / Bad Service


For all the people thinking of starting World of Warcraft let me let you in on a little secret. They are down alot for maintaince that they do not give credit or free time you players. You will spend Hours on the phone trying to get problems fixed due to hight calls there lines are busy and you are not being able you play the game. Once again they will not give any discount. So before you get to high and envolved in the game and they have you by the balls try some other online game with xbox. Also all the patch work that has to go into this game is something i wish i know longer had on my computer.

World of Warcraft - California / can't play the game due to all the patches


I tried the 10 day free trial and loved it, so I bought the full version. It is nothing like the trial. It takes forever to load, I haven't even played the game yet and it's been a day of downloading patches for this and that. It's very misleading! How can 10 million players be playing if they're always downloading patches, unless of course they are addicted to this game like a drug. I should just give up. By the way this is the second time I've downloaded the game. The first time I got fed up and called for a refund, which I did not get a full refund, only a...

World of Warcraft - Tennessee, Nashville / unlaw charge on credit card


Was charged 1.00, 1.00, 14.99 all on the same day to my bank card. Don't know these people, and will contact my bank tomorrow.5/4/09

World of Warcraft - Texas, Dallas / Trial Account Upgrade Failure


I upgraded my World of Warcraft trial account, played it for 2 days, then sat down to play it again on Sunday. I logged into my account only to be told that my account had been suspended. It referred me to an email. I opened the email, and it said there was some problem processing my upgrade. They gave me a number to call - and of course, nobody is working on Sunday. They also LOCKED ME OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. I cannot even look to see if there was something wrong with my credit card entry. I cannot see anything about my account. There is nothing wrong with my bank account, but instead of saying...