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Windsor Blue Superkings Complaints & Reviews

Windsor Blue Superkings / now only 19 cigaretts in a pack instead of 20 why?

Aug 05, 2014

Why is there now only 19 cigarettes instead of 20 in a pack? I find it shocking that there has been no warning over this change, when i asked at the cigarette counter for a pack of 20 they sold me my usual brand of Windsor Blue Superkings but no mention over the difference so even the shop workers don't realise the difference. When i got home and looked closer at the packaging there was no indication on the fact that there were only 19 to a pack and not 20. Why the big secrecy? I feel cheated that i'm asking for 20, paying for 20 and only getting 19! However if you purchase a pack of...

Windsor Blue Superkings / cigarettes falling apart

Jan 21, 2014

I have been buying windsor blue superkings for the past 5 year and have always been fine .In the last week i have had 3 packets from different shops that have had 3 sometimes 4 cigarettes in them that have either fell away from the filter while smoking them or came apart from the filter while removing them from the pack i feel really let down by this and at £6.90 a pack now its a joke they might be one of the cheapest on the market but that is no excuse for poor quality yours sincerely Mrs Debra Foster