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Wheel Works Complaints & Reviews

Wheel Works - California, Milpitas / refused to honor tire rotation w/oil change

May 3, 2015

went to do my regular oil change to include free tire rotation, since I purchased the tire Jan 2011, the new employee James Flores, refused to do the tire rotation unless I purchased new tires, he would not tell me what year I purchased the tired had to come home and call in, this is poor business to arm wrestle a lady simply because she is a woman and refuse to do the free tire rotation unless I purchase new tires, this is like a mafia...Nin Herrera 408 476 0340

Wheel Works - California, Saratoga / Put my life in Danger

Jun 9, 2013

I gave my Chrysler, Town and Country van to Wheel Works at 18522 Prospect Rd, Saratoga, CA for repairs on June 8, 2013. The problem was that the coolant leaked when the AC was running. The car was in perfect driveable condition and I had no problems driving it with or without the AC. In the evening of June 8, 2013, I was told the car had been repaired and I could pick it up. After I made the payment, I drove the car off about 1-2 blocks onto Lawrence Expressway, I noticed that the Heating signal went off. The car was over heating to a complete 100% of heat. The gas gauge was completely full, I wa...

Wheel Works - California, Antioch / Fraud

Nov 26, 2012

I agree this is the worst business I have ever dealt with. George yea he's a piece of work. Belongs back in the garage, not dealing with the public. Ripped me off big time. Even tried to sneak $100 worth of warranties that were optional on my bill without telling me. I am still without a car now. In a rental because the tires they put on my car has made it unsafe. Did not give me a choice of replacement tires. Didn't even honor the original warranty, had to pay full price for new tires that were even on sale. Went back to tell them I wanted original tires and yea George denied it...

Wheel Works - California, Antioch / Customer service, rude, fraud

Jan 11, 2012

Had 4 new tires and alignment done. Had them rotated a couple times and alignment checked supposedly 6 months later. It was never performed on machine they did visual by tire wear. Six moths later and 10, 000 miles later front tires were bald on the inside. Paid for two. We tires and alignment again. They put new tires on rear and said they did the alignment. One month later front tires are balding again on inside. Also balance was off causing vibration. Brought it back as soon as I had time and wanted to redo balance and rotate tires. Salesman Gus refused to rotate the tires unless I purchase...

Wheel Works - California, Daly City / Faulty Repair


On 2/23/09, I placed a phone call to wheel works at 5 skyline plaza, Daly city, ca 94014 to purchase 4 brand new tires. I spoke to Ronnie and made an appointment on 2/26/09 at 1:30pm to install the tires. On 2/26/09, at 1:30pm, I reported to Ronnie to have new tires install for my 05 Toyota matrix. While the technician was installing the tires, another technician told me that we offer free alignment check. He told me that if we did an alignment check on my car and results come back ok, Wheel Works would not charge me anything. He also told me that if the results come back negative, then Wheel...

Wheel Works - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Repair negligence and damage


On June 13th, 2008 I brought my 1982 Honda Silverwing to Steve Speake the proprietor of Wheel Works Motorcycle sales and repair business now located at 167 winters Drive; formerly 3752 North Nevada Avenue. The cycle has just over 22, 000 original miles and is in cherry condition. A few months back, the main engine gasket began leaking from the top end of the motor between the heads. It leaked only while running and a pretty steady flow. Steve said he could repair the bike by replacing the gaskets and gave me a completion date of about three weeks. After three weeks had passed, I called Steve...