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Wenger Trucking Complaints & Reviews

Wenger Trucking / Rude manager. They changed the promise

Jan 15, 2016

I saw the advertisement that the company Wenger Trucking searched for the drivers. I have some problems at home and needed to find some work in order to cover all expanses. The manager was rude with me and within one hour he checked my documents and if I asked questions, he replied rudely and didn’t look at me. I said that I needed to go home every week in order to check my wife, and they said ok. But when I started to work, they changed the promise and said that I was free only twice per month.

Wenger Trucking / The driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Nov 28, 2015

My car broke on the road and I called to Wenger Trucking. I informed the rep that I was a small kid and would be happy if the driver would give us a lift. The rep said there were no problems, so when the driver arrived, we sat into his car. OMG. I was so scared, and the driver didn’t drive safe. I was so afraid and thought that maybe driver was taken something. Drugs or alcohol. Be careful with their drivers.