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Weaver Gas Complaints & Reviews

Weaver Gas - New York, Newburgh / poor customer ralations


We had a Weaver rep named Bob come out to the house to see about moving our tank to the side of the house instead of near our main entrance. Contractors were working on the house at the time and had temporarily moved the tank to put up new siding. They had noticed a leak between the tank and regulator and pointed this out to Bob when he came out. He began making disparaging comments about the contractors and accused them of damaging the connection between the regulator and the tank. Bob took the regulator and plugged the tank, leaving us without gas to cook with. I asked if someone could be...

Weaver Gas - New York, Newburgh / Leaking Tanks

Weaver Gas supplied two leaking tanks to my property. Fortunately, I discovered the leaks, however I was only reimbursed for 2 gallons of gas while my previous usage records indicated that at least 12 gallons had leaked out. I was paid $3.50 a gallon for the gas which I had paid $7 a gallon for. Weaver Gas also removed a full tank of gas from my property which I had paid in full for. I have not been reimbursed for this gas although it has been 6 weeks and their representative indicates that I will only be receiving 75% of the value for this gas. In addition, I have had problems with their...

Weaver Gas - New York, Newburgh / Failure to refund account after 2 months


I discontinued service in early August of 2008 due to a move. I was scheduled to receive a refund and verified my new mailing address for return of the credit on my account. As of 9/24, I still had not received any information from the company. I called and spoke with a representative who verified my new mailing address and stated that there would be a request for a check to be dispersed and if I had not heard or received anything within two weeks to call back. I then called the company again and was informed that a check had been distributed for a refund but it had been mailed to another...

Weaver Gas - New York, Newburgh / Unethical behavior!

I had a bad experience with Weaver Gas. We were a customer with Weaver Gas for over ten years. On my way to work one morning I had contacted the Weaver Gas Company to inform them that my tank is running low and I would like to schedule a delivery. I was told that I am not scheduled for a delivery at this time and the person I was speaking to became rude, she told me not to interrupt her when I asked for her name, argumentative and belligerent. At this point I asked to speak to the manager and for his telephone number for which I was told, there is no one here and she hang up the phone. Since...

Weaver Gas / Bad experience


We discontinue with Weaver Gas and when they came to pick up their propane tank, they also disconnect our regulator which attach to our house as well as the regulator attach to our generator without giving us notice so we can make arrangement for the other company to attach another regulator to our house and generator. We were without gas to cook and without heat throughout the house until we contact the other gas company to find out what happen. We find the Weaver Gas company should have some kind of regulation or law that inform us that they are disconnecting the regulator from our house and from our generator. They did not even apologize to us for our inconvenience.