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Wayne Homes Complaints & Reviews

Wayne Homes / They haven't started the building

Apr 29, 2015

I hired the company Wayne Homes. I spoke with the rep, who provided the design ad info of my future home. I was shocked that these jerks haven’t started to build my house. They promised to start work several weeks ago, but nothing was done. I called and argued with them, but they didn’t care. I really need your help, so please help me to solve this situation.

Wayne Homes - Ohio, Bowling Green / Bathroom Tub Water Sealing

Feb 14, 2012

We built our home 5 years ago with Wayne Homes and recently we found that we had water damage in our ceiling below our bathroom. We cut open the ceiling to see if there was a plumbing leak and found nothing. What we did find is that at the base of our bathtub instead of caulking it to seal the gap between the tub and the flooring. Instead of caulking they use a metal strip hold the floor down which obviously does not seal the gap in between. SO any bit of water that gets on the floor leaks through the space and down on to the ceiling causing our problem. After speaking with 2 plumbers and 2...