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War Eagle Customs Complaints & Reviews

War Eagle Customs / Fraud, grand larceny


On December of 2005, I entered into a contract for a motorcycle chassis for over $15,000. A deposit was sent for more than 50% with the promise that the chassis would be delivered to Myrtle Beach BikeWeek in May of 2006. With less than two weeks before the Myrtle Beach show and the promise that the chassis was completed, I sent the remainder of the balance. They did not show up to the show and I have not received a chassis or any money back. I have since retained a lawyer, who has won several judgments against them. But these thiefs, either move or change there business name that there check...

War Eagle Customs / Failed to provide paid products


Ordered products with them via phone, paid for it. Took a lot of time, gave me run-around and eventually never gave me all of the products ordered and paid to them. Will not return call, mail, and refuses to refund me my money or give me my paid order... Currently in process of filing a lawsuit against them and collect all my expenses since what they are doing is a fraud, being that... they have been out of business since 2001.