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War Eagle Customs review: Fraud, grand larceny 4

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On December of 2005, I entered into a contract for a motorcycle chassis for over $15,000. A deposit was sent for more than 50% with the promise that the chassis would be delivered to Myrtle Beach BikeWeek in May of 2006. With less than two weeks before the Myrtle Beach show and the promise that the chassis was completed, I sent the remainder of the balance. They did not show up to the show and I have not received a chassis or any money back.

I have since retained a lawyer, who has won several judgments against them. But these thiefs, either move or change there business name that there checks are written on to keep one step ahead of the law.
I have never talked to Steven Van Rensburg, the owner, since May of 2006, although my lawyer has, with the promise of delivery at a time which has come and gone. I now have over $2000 in lawyer fees not including the $15,500 I'm out for the chassis.

I have full documentation, and my lawyer would be glad to talk to anyone who also has a problem with this company.

These criminals should be behind bars. Go to and search in the forums for WarEagle. Hundreds of posts of people who have ripped off by these professional crooks.

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FRED Guerra
Dec 13, 2006 12:00 am EST

War Eagle customs is working on rectifying the complaint regarding the internet sale. They are building me another frame style to my agreement.
Expect deliver by Dec. 22,2006.

You may contact me thru listed email to confirm this matter resolution.

Nov 29, 2008 5:57 am EST

a friend of mine went through the same thing.we got the local police and investigator involved.he got his bike a month after that.

Apr 29, 2008 5:43 pm EDT

Unfortunately, I have a War Eagle frame. I ordered a swingarm that was "in stock" and waited two and a half months to get it. If you have had the pleasure of dealing with Darlene at War Eagle, you have figured out that she has caller I.D. and screens her calls so you get voice mail if you are are one of the people who actually wants the part that you paid for. Do NOT wait for her to call you back. That's not gonna happen. Fortunately, I ordered mine C.O.D. due to all of the bad blog info I read. Then the swingarm was too wide for the frame anyway!

Wonder why all the big name bike builders don't use War Eagle anymore? Because they have to deal with Darlene. If you HAVE to get something from them ONLY DEAL C.O.D! Do not give them a card or send cash! Better yet, call Daytec or a reputable frame manufacturer who understands that you actually expect to receive the parts you order!

Traci Johnson
Feb 14, 2008 8:32 pm EST

Please send me your lawyer info asap! I made a phone purchase from the April 07 and its now Feb 08 and I don;t have all my parts! I paid for the order in full in May 07. I am still waiting on a pair of wheel axles that have too apparently come from Wareagle only due too me having waragles frame... and also a TP engine that was also paid for and still have not recieved. No one will never answer the phone or return emails. I am at a complete lost with a frame that can't even be made into a rolling chassis because of no axles. HELP HELP HELP.

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