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Vivitar Complaints & Reviews

Vivitar / disposable camera

Mar 17, 2015

Went to cvs on berry st in Fort worth by pascal high was looking at the camra a employee came to me and said don't get the old once that you twist the film she said, we have this new one that were supposed to be a little more upgraded. So I bought the camra it work fine I got perfect pictures with alot. Of celebrity and fighters so the next day I go to cvs on FOREST HILL CIRCLE DRIVE I go in employee helps me out. He puts the adapter to there computer he says no let me call the manager, gave me the camra back I looked through my picture the manager comes to help he flipping through the...

Vivitar / Binoculars sold without cable

Jun 16, 2011

End of November 2010 I purchased a Vivitar Digital Binocular set?. No cable accompanied this product". I called the company and was promised the USB cable - twice;. I finally received a cable, but it was the wrong size, . I've since emailed Vivitar and they, through a company called Sakar, mailed me the exact same incorrect cable". It appears as though Vivitar sold this product without a correct size cable:. Radio Shack as well as other electonic experts have scratched their heads when looking at these binoculars and said they've never seen such a tiny port before, and NO cable...

Vivitar - New Jersey / Vivitar vivicam 5022


I bought a Vivitar Vivicam 5022 digital camera about a year ago. It didn't work right so I returned it to Walmart--they replaced it. That one broke after a very short time. They replaced it again. Then that one took blurry pictures all the time. Walmart wouldn't take anymore back --so I looked i the manual and it had information on how to return it to the company. It said to go to their website and go from there--no information there. After an intensive on-line search--during which I learned other people were having the same terrible experiences with this company-- I was able to find...

Vivitar - California, Oxnrad / Not acknowlegding complaints


I was brought as a gift in 07 a Vivicam 5340s digi camera over here in England, which has been a life saver since I had a terrible accident in 03, which has left me out of work and was unable to afford my 35mm slides that I had been using for 20yrs. So this little camera was great, terrific photos, straight onto TV or PC and print off just the ones required, which was a great saving. You can guess what happened next, 2 months out of warranty and it packs up big time. All I was getting was bleached out shots except when using flash, now thats gone, the camera has now shut down with the lens in...