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7:01 pm EDT
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Closeout Digital Stole $1500 from me

I placed an order for a digital camera on line through Closeout Digital's website. I got an email confirming my order, then another asking me to call to confirm my order. When I called, they said the camera I ordered was a foreign model and was plastic and menus were in Japanese, but they had another brand at a better deal. After a hard sell, I agreed to buy the other camera for $1, 499.99. I called back an hour later and cancelled the order. He said it would cost me $200 for a restocking fee. I said fine, I just don't want that crappy camera you tried to sell me. He then said, OK, I'll be a nice guy and not charge you the $200, but it will take a while to get your money back on your credit card. I said OK. I got an email cancelling the original order for the camera he said was no good, but never received anything regarding the new $1, 499.99 purchase I had just cancelled over the phone. My card was charged, and several months later I noticed the charge had never been reversed. When I tried to contact them, they would not return my calls, take my calls or return my emails. I contacted my credit card company to dispute, but the dispute period had passed because I waited as he asked to allow time for the charges to be reversed. They stole almost $1500 from me without every delivering anything, What a scam.

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8:34 pm EDT
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Closeout Digital scam

According to the BBB of Yew York Closeout Digital’s real
address is 6605 20th Ave. Brooklyn New York. Though they have a California
phone number and an address at 1111 Story Rd. San Jose CA. that on some sites I
have read say the address in CA is phony. Depending upon which Map programs
used I have found either nothing at that address or a Mall. At this point I believe
the real address is whatever hotel room is cheap enough it Discount Digitals
address of the day.

I bought a Nikon D7100. When I say bought what I mean is
that Closeout Digital took my money for my order but I have not actually
touched this mythical devise. My order was placed on June 13th 2014
with a promise of ground shipment with a 12-15 day delivery. Well the 15 days
has come and went and another 14 days will have gone by on Monday July the 14th.
I have e-mailed requesting and never received any tracking information (and I get
that it is difficult to give accurate information when you never ship the
product), I have called many times and been put on permanent ignore, the phone
messaging tree has a button to push for tracking information that starts the
phone message over again, and the one time I spoke with an actual person I was
told I would see my camera on July 9th. As far as I am concerned I have been robbed
and am considering calling the police.

It is difficult to resolve disputes with companies that rarely
answer their phones. Even the ordering process was horrible. I was told to call
to verify my order and the agent tried to upsell me everything in the world and
then asked me if I wanted a battery with my camera because it did not come with
one. At that point I asked them not to proceed with the order because I wanted
to research other camera options. By the next morning, my card had been

After many many phone calls and e-mails I finally got to
talk to a real person again on July 15th and was told that my
account had already been credited back… it had not been another lie.

Do not do business with this company.

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Burlington, US
Oct 14, 2014 2:19 pm EDT
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My experience was similar. Only on one occasion when I finally got through to a live human and asked what I had to do to get a refund, he actually said, "Sue us. It might work." These jackoffs are playing the odds, figuring that 1 out of 5 people won't pursue it hard enough to get their money back. Both the states of California and New York responded to my queries with variations on the theme, "Go get a lawyer, we don't pursue Internet crime in our office. Anyone who has had issues with these thieves need to pursue it to the end AND file complaints with the AG office of each state. Maybe the politicians will get off their lazy butts and do something about the thieves in their den.

2:06 pm EST
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Closeout Digital Customer Service

Placed an order online for camera and equipment. I received an e-mail summarizing my order, asking me to call the company to confirm the order. When I called, I spoke with Dave who was very helpful and friendly. Dave worked with me to upgrade my order to a better quality (and higher-priced) camera and additional accessories. When the shipment arrived, it looked very similar to a lower-grade model I'd previously purchased, so I called the company again to verify my order. This time, I spoke with someone who seemed to be an owner/manager of the company, and was NOT friendly nor helpful. This individual was extremely rude, accused me of lying, called me an idiot, and actually laughed out loud at me when I tried to validate what I'd received against what I'd ordered.
The prices offered by this company may be lower than average, but I would NEVER recommend anyone buy anything from Closeout Digital. Ever.

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Dwayne W. Mauk
Apr 22, 2014 4:40 pm EDT

I placed an order, then started to get the feeling something wasn't right. They called and left a message over the weekend, and when I tried calling them back, they won't answer their phones, even when it is during their hours. Have sent emails, can left messages for 2 days now. I told them I was cancelling the order, and would refuse to pay anything, or receive anything even if they tried to send it. Have contacted my credit card company as well. I wouldn't do business with this company if you paid me to. Hopefully I learned that if it's too good to be true, it generally is. I'm going back to

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