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Verde Energy Complaints & Reviews

Verde Energy / They haven't lower my bill

Oct 18, 2015

I have called to the company Verde Energy and asked to help me to lower my bill. The rep was friendly and sounded promising. After couple of questions and small chat, he told me that they would think about the problem and would contact me soon. But the next bill arrived and the sum was over $800, and I was shocked, because the rep promised to help me. Don’t recommend them.

Verde Energy / Charged for no service

Jan 16, 2015

I was sent a card explaining that if I called, I was eligible to get a $100 Walmart card. That day, charges from various companies that I was unaware of started showing on my bank statement. Now I am in the process of cancelling services I didn't get; but was charged for. Two other companies: Care Express & some beauty service(I don't even know it's name, but have charged me $1) were included with the Verde Energy charges that day. I haven't received ANY Walmart card!!