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Jan 08, 2014

The website provided different channels, movies, cartoons, TV shows. People broadcast live steaming games, sport and other shows. The quality wasn’t good, but it was acceptable to watch. I registered on this website, but two weeks ago it stopped to accept my user name and password. I sent them emails and called, and they only promised to help, but did nothing in return. Please leave comments if you had the same situation as I had. - California, Palo Alto / Horrible experience

Jan 08, 2014

The website provided different programmes, channels and other movies and TV shows, and you can watch them if someone broadcast live steaming. So the quality was always horrible, and sometimes it was impossible to understand what you see on the screen. Also I had some problems with the installation, and the app didn’t work on PC and phone. I wonder if someone had the same situation and can offer good solution. Thanks.