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Universal Adcom Complaints & Reviews

Universal Adcom / magnet campaign

Dec 19, 2018

I was contacted about a magnet campaign soonsoring jets pizza in Johns Creek...I own a house cleaning company..thought it was a great idea..I went to pay my didnt work..then i did my research..$600 is a lot to spend on magnets for pizza...i saw reviews about other businesses contacted...i wasnt i actually went to the owner in person..she knew nothing about it..then she also said they dont have the blueprint to use the logo for the magnets because she was never contacted period..they still call me and ask to pay invoice..but nope..glad i did my research..u should too..HUGE SCAM!!!

Universal Adcom - Texas, Arlington / Magnets

Dec 5, 2015

On 11/23 I received a call from a salesman. His information appeared to be legitimate so I ordered his product which was to be delivered by a large pizza chain. I later contacted the pizza chain owner who said it was bogus I'd like a refund Invoice# 578842 Customer ID 6316800 $475.00 I have scanned my invoice as a PDF, but for some reason it wont download on this site. I can forward to you in a seperate email if possible

Universal Adcom - Virginia, Galax / Suspicious billing

Aug 15, 2014

This company is out of control. Please avoid them. As a marketing agency, I purchased map advertising from them for a local business and agreed to pay half up front and half on delivery for historical map advertising. 1. They tried to get me to make final payment before delivery even though our agreement was half up front and half on delivery. 2. When that didn't work, they invoiced my client directly, and they invoiced for the full amount even though I paid half up front. 3. When they finally printed the maps three months later, they did not use the ad copy submitted. 4. They never ran...

Universal Adcom - Florida / FRAUD

Apr 19, 2011

I was contacted by a salesperson right after the new, saying they represent the school board they had a great offer for Rickards Middle which located literally 10 from my new business. I agreed to a $400 ad for the whole footbal season to advertise my business name, phone # & logo. The ad would be on footbalt t-shirts, sport bottles, noise makers, & mega phones. I would also received samples as well. they never lived up 2 their end of the deal, they charged my account &1000 in 2 days in 5 days later another $400. I've spoken to 7 different representative from that company & it seems like...

Universal Adcom - South Carolina, Arlington / Scammers

Jan 20, 2011

We receive a package from UPS with 25 magnets inside with a company ad for Us and an Invoice for $209.00 I check with my father because his name was on the invoice, he knew nothing of the sort. So I called the company and knew as soon as I was on their Site that this was Scam all day, click on customer support and the only options you have is pay by check or pay by credit card!!! I called the number on the website and was told that the items were ordered and verified in Oct. 2010 Then did more research about this company and yes they have had over 350 complaints filed against their company. How can they stay in business after all these filed complaints ?

Universal Adcom / community guide magnets/relocation maps


In January 2010 I recieved a phone call from Universal AdCom. The rep that I was speaking to was wanting to verify our company information. I verified our company name, address and phone number. They then asked for my name and date of birth to verify they did speak with somone from our company about verifying our information. Then they began talking about a bill would be sent for $399.50. At that point I stopped the rep I was speaking with and explained that I only do secretarial work and would have to verify something like that with the owner first. The girl on the line said she would call...

Universal Adcom / Scam


Just after the new year I was called by their salesman with a proposed advertising agreement. I was told that each county I sign up for, a magnet with our ad would be sent to every home in those counties. I was told this is a magnet which is sent out only every five years and had potential of advertisement for those five years. I was also told I had to decide that day as it was crunch time and they were going out on Jan 19 & 20. So later that day, I called him back and approved McHenry county and was then told I could call by tomorrow to agree to Lake County. So the next day, I called and...