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united tax relief Complaints & Reviews

united tax relief / Fraudulent claim

Jun 22, 2011

This company has done nothing but scam me and my family during a stressful time. I owed the IRS a significant amount of money and was told by a Michael Crenshaw that our debt would be lowered and then after turning over approximately $5300.00 dollars increased the promise from one amount to another. Then they recieved all this personal information about us and proceeded to do absolutely NOTHING. I could not reach anyone at United Tax Relief, Michael Crenshaw or anyone else. The person handling our case Naydali Hurst refused to EVER call me to discuss the time and strategy, only to e-mail that...

united tax relief - Florida, Jacksonville Beach / no action


I paid these guys $3500.00 in order to reduce a fed bill of $ 7, 000 and a state bill of $30, 000 . The fed just turned my OIC down and the OIC has been in the wrong office of the state for 4 months. United Tax Relief did the paperwork. That's all. Even that was done wrong, so I had to redo it. Now the emails aren't being answered, the phones are not answering and have been disconnected. 411 doesn't have them listed in Florida anymore and I'm out 3500 bucks and still owe the feds and the state. The previous complaint on United had a phone #, but of course it'...

united tax relief - Florida / federal tax help


Paid this company 750.00 they said they could get my federal taxes i owe down from 6000 to 960 dollars. irs didnt settle for anything less then what i owe so now i owe the 6000 plus the 750 i paid this company on top of that

united tax relief - California, Sacramento / took $ no return calls


I have been calling this company for the last 4 months, no return calls, when i contacted the same name office in santa ana, they said we are a different office, but send money to us and we can help, yeah right what a joke. this company just rips off poor people, i am sure am not the only one. don't let them take your hard earn cash!