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United Steel Buildings Complaints & Reviews

United Steel Buildings - Florida / FRAUD AND DECEPTION


Ordered a building from these clowns and Its been a ordeal the whole 14 months. The price they quote you is a starting price, seems to go up daily when your getting ready to buy. The salesman ( Richard ) called daliy to remind me to pay my deposit before the steel goes up or else its going to be more, tried to charge me sales tax, charged me extra money for steel and enginering because I wanted a couple of windows, later to find out the windows are field located and never got any extra steel to put in the windows. Delay after delay, excuses after excuses, unreturned phone calls and then It...

United Steel Buildings - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / This company is a RIP OFF!!!!


PLEASE do not send any of your money to this company!!! These people are a scam to take your money and so far nothing has been done about it. I read some of the complaints about the business before going forward and I even forwarded these websites with complaints to the salesman (Paul) at USB. With their smooth talking they insured my husband and I that those were only the complaints of a few customers out of thousands. Unfortunately, their smoothing over worked and we believed them. We sent a deposit of which was all they were requesting at the time before delivery and so they said the...

United Steel Buildings - Texas / Harrassment


I completed the compan's on-line forms requesting a price quote. I received a voice-mail the very next day. I did not return the call. That first week, I received at least one, sometimes two, call per day every day. I started recognizing the 925 area code, and would just not answer. I got tired of listening to the phone ring and ring, so I set-up call forwarding directly to my voice mail. By the second week, I started receiving 3 or 4 phone calls a day. By the third week, I was receiving 8 to 10 calls PER DAY. I got calls at 7:20AM, 7:24AM, 7:40AM, 8:05AM, etc., etc. I started researching this company on-line, and found complaint after complaint. Stay away from this company at all costs.

United Steel Buildings - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / very rude bunch of folks,


was ordering a steel building and was offered a deal that seemed to good to be true, and a friend found many complaints about United Steel Buildings so he sent me the links to this site and others. I was offered what most places were selling for about $12K for $6500, they said some one had ordered it and then canceled the order. Then they said I would really be helping them out if I could take the 30X32 building rather then the 30X30 I was going to order. Once I found the list of complaints I emailed them to Mike my sales person, who responded that they were all put up by one unhappy customer...

United Steel Buildings - Tennessee, Jacksboro / blatantly mislead


When my husband and I were shopping around for a steel building, we already knew what we were looking for- a 50'X90' with 4 garage doors and 3 entry doos. One of the entry doors was to go in the front center of the building with 2 garage doors on each side of it. The remaining 2 entry doors were to go one on each side of the building to meet fire code. We were ecstatic when the salesman (Woody) told us he had just what we wanted- in fact it was already in production - but the customer had defaulted, so we could have it at a discount. Great! We asked for a drawing of the building and...

United Steel Buildings - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Fraud / Steal your money


Takes your money you get 0000000 Nothing ask for Jack Rachlin he will teach you how to lose yor money