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UHC Complaints & Reviews

UHC - Florida, Orlando / Mix up medical insurance plan

Sep 05, 2016

Would like to correct a complaint I submitted on 9/4/2016 . I realized that I wrote down wrong date of service (8/2/2016) . This happen on 9/1/2016. I apologize for my error. I try to edit the error but can't do it. My Complaint is thought UHCCommunityPlan. Thank you.

UHC - Florida, Orlando / Medical insurance mixup

Sep 04, 2016

On the middle of August 2016 i call UHC for need of transportation for my mom medical app't ONLY!!! C.S. Transfer me to Sales dept. . Offer me a plan with transportation prescription .vision, dental and other services. I explain sales lady that i was looking for transportation ONLY nothing else but she stated that to give transportation there were other services included as a bundle. I told her that I was Ok with my prescription plan that I didn't want their drug plan, she said it was all in the bundle of transportation.she stated for me not to worry that my mom had extra help with medicare...

UHC - Texas, San Antonio / unethical behaviour

Jul 22, 2016

I Bidarshi Barua, member ID [protected], have taking Ambien generic for Insomnia. I am 66 years old disabled person with Diabetes type 2 and High Blood Pressure for about 21 years. Suddenly without any information UHC stopped my refill on Ambien and I called them. UHC assured me of reconsideration and asked me to wait for 24 hours and accordingly I did. After 3 days again I called and they said, my doctor was not communicating with UHC. They were waiting for my doctor's information about the prescription/refill. Also asked me to contact my doctor. Accordingly I went to my doctor and...

UHC / Lies, Fraud & Deceit

Mar 02, 2016

UHC tells their enrollees that it is "mandatory" per UHC's flyer and that UHC advantage plan members submit to an in-home visit for a physical/wellness exam and survey through its House Calls program. A flyer is sent to every member followed up with a high volume of phone calls. When you refuse to participate, the phone calls increase. The phone calls state it is "very imperative that you call UHC." When you call, thinking it is of high importance the customer service rep goes into a song and dance about House Calls. I called Medicare to clarify this "mandated"...

UHC - Tennessee, LaFollette / No Home Health Agencies Accept UHC

Jul 17, 2013

I make referrals for patients who need home health care. I have been trying to locate a home health agency that will work with a woman but I have had no luck in finding an agency that will accept UHC. I am told UHC reimbursement rate is so bad that they would lose money serving UHC patients.