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Troy Bilt Complaints & Reviews

Troy Bilt - Connecticut, West Hartford / Lawn mower

Apr 3, 2017

I bought a lawn mower with a warranty. After 5 months it was not working properly. I called TroyBilt, they recommended 3 names of service dealers. Upon calling the service sealers about defect on my Troy Bilt mower I started to learn from them that they do not want to deal with warranty service that involves Troy bilt because of previous bad experience with the co. Finally I located one dealer who is willing to look at the mower but only if Troy Bilt will authorize the service. Troy Bilt has issued a Reference # that states charges for pick up and delivery will be paid. The dealer called Troy...

Troy Bilt / Worthless Warranty

Mar 25, 2014

First Posted on 6-26-2012, , but I am re-posting because as mowing season approaches you need to understand just how low down and dirty Troy Bilt customer service is. Lawnmowers Complaint Rating: Contact information:Troy BiltUnited States I have a Troy Bilt model TB110 push mower that was still under warranty at the time an axle part broke. I called Lowe's where I had bought it and they told me if I bring the mower they will examine it and have Troy Bilt send a new replacement part. I loaded the whole mower in my car plus the broken part I had removed and took it...

Troy Bilt - Tennessee, Paris / lowes service advantage protection

Jun 25, 2013

When you buy the Lowes Service Advantage Plan at the time of purchase you are told that it picks up coverage after the manufactures warranty expires. They also tell you that it covers anything but abuse. So far I have had to pay for every repair to two pieces of equipment.[THERE IS NOWHERE IN THE RECEIPT OR THE BLUE FOLDER OR ANY OTHER PIECE OF PAPER THEY GIVE YOU WHAT THE PLAN COVERS . On there Self Propelled walk behind mower the air filter is exposed. And when you clean it or leave it out there is no way to protect the filter from getting wet. The warranty does not cover the repair of...

Troy Bilt / Never buy it

Jan 25, 2011

I purchased a Troy Built Lawnmower with a Honda Engine expecting to get a reliable mower. I began to have problems right away, it would not stay running. I brought it to a Troy Built authorized service center to have it repaired. When i went to pick it up it still would not run correctly. I left it there and picked it up about a week later. After getting it back again it ran ok for a few times then i started having the same problems again. I brought it back to the same service center again and they said they replaced the carberator. I brought it home and about a week later when i went to...

Troy Bilt / Stay away at all costs


We purchased a self propelled Troy Bilt lawnmower. After one year the wheels and gears had to be replaced. They were very cheap plastic. After the second year the self propelled feature no longer worked. When we took it in for service we were told the transmission had to be replaced, which we were told cost in excess of $200. At this point we cut our losses and junked it. Our recommendation is to stay away from Troy Bilt. They are made with very cheap plastic materials that only last until the warranty expires. Total junk!!! Stay away at all costs. Lowes should not offer this sub par product to their customers.