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Transmission Citi Complaints & Reviews

Transmission Citi - Texas / Payment, Car Repair and Contract


I, Darryl Fields am filing this complaint because of false information (advertisement) and bad services I have been receiving. I looked up this transmission company online at: ( to get a transmission price for my Volvo. On or about (2 Nov 10) called this Company at: (1-888-303-1738) and got a Mrs. Joyce on the phone. Mrs. Joyce and I had conversation about fixing my car, promotions, discounts and credits. The prices she gave to me over the phone to repair and fix the box was less than $600.00, to repair and fix the transmission was less than $1, 500.00. Mrs. Joyce and...

Transmission Citi / Rip off


I had my Ford Excursion quoted by this rippoff artist for a transmission rebuild of approximately $1, 800.00. Transmission citi also stated maximum of $1900.00 The shop in San Marcos, TX, B&M Transmission stated it would take about three days to rebuild. Well long story short the tab came to $2, 900.00 with transmission cities fee of $1, 000.00. The transmission lasted five months and I took it back due to slipping of the transmission. Needless to say neither Transmission citi or B&M transmission would warranty their work or parts. I took my Excursion to Ford and for $3, 500. they installed a fully warranted (100, 000 miles) rebuilt transmission which 40 k miles later is still performing wonderfully.

Transmission Citi / Warranty


I had my transmission fixed on 9/15/08 all the arrangements were made by transmission citi and it ended it up costing me twice what they initially quoted. Now 7 months later 5/1/2009 I am having the same problem and I was told that they will only pay 1/2 for parts and I will have to pay 100% labor this is after a rebuild with only 7 months and 7000 miles, The contact man Gary is nothing more than a rip off artist any who goes thru this company will end up getting ripped off

Transmission Citi - Oklahoma, Ardmore / Beware


I found this company on better business bureau's web site as accrediated company i called brian to get my honda passport transmission rebuild he quoted me 1297.00 including lab our tax towing and parts i sent the for repairs . got call from the shop that it will be more than 2500.00 i called brian he said he can't do my car in 1297.00 has no control over the shop. i told him not to work on my car and return my car, he asked for 500.00 dollars if i want my car back i was very upset called him and he was not helping me out had to pay to get my car back and there was no work performed...