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Top Tobacco Complaints & Reviews

Top Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / Bad quality

Nov 1, 2015

As stated in several other complaints, I also find the quality of the tobacco has dropped Severely. Most of the time it is very dry, and by the time I clean out the stems, etc. (lest the paper rip), there is very little real tobacco in it. Increasingly the bag is full of so much un-tobacco I want to throw it all out. Once the cigarette is lit I need to be cautious since parts of the 'tobacco' crumble out. I don't know where the people who also left complaints live, but I thought maybe the company decided to throw all the garbage laying on the workroom floor and ship it to...

Top Tobacco / the quailty has gone down hill

May 2, 2015

The quality of the tobacco has drastically gone down hill. They're now using pipe tobacco of very bad quality lots of stems and sponge material and the papers use to come in a nice put together boxed pack and now it's in an envelope and they're all stuck together and they rip apart when you go to use them. How can top continue to say they're #1 in selling RYO tobacco. Go with bugler folks. This stuff TOP is selling doesn't even stay lite!!