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TomTom / TomTom no replacement on faulty products

HenzenJurita on Aug 5, 2016
Tomtom sold a device to me in December 27 2015 knowing that this device had problems downloading info and also with it monitors that is steeling good money from me paying for your bad product and now you don't want to take responsibility for this **** you sold i will make sure that no one in my group and other runners ever by a Tomtom product. I have to take this product in again where will this stop and each time your reply on this is the same story . It is sad that a big company like tomtom will not take responsibility and realize they are selling a faulty product to the clients and sadly we...

TomTom / They are refusing to stand by their warranty

Robbone on Nov 24, 2012
I bought a Tom Tom device June8, 2012. It only worked on two trips. I contacted the company who said it was a corrupted device and I had to show proof of purchase within a year for the warranty. I sent a credit card statement at their request. They said it didn’t show it was a Tom Tom. I contacted the company where i bought the product and had them send a receipt with the words GPS, the UPC #, purchase price and date. The company said it was not enough. They are refusing to stand by their warranty.

TomTom / Scam

rebin8 on Sep 9, 2011
I bought a Tom Tom satellite navigation system in December 2006. I worked well until early 2008. Suddenly it stopped working and seemed completely dead. It had not been dropped or damaged. I contacted TomTom and went through the FAQa on their web site for repairs or problems. Nothing worked. I phoned and they said they'd phone back and didn't. Evenetually they said send it back for repair BUT couldn't give any idea of cost. I wasn't prepared to give them an open cheque book. I emailed again and received a reply saying I'd hear something within 48 hours. I didn't...

TomTom - Mississippi / refused to refund on a GPS that didn't work

rednecklimey on Jul 5, 2011
I have a TomTom VIA 1435 that doesn't work and TomTom refuses to refund my money. I bought the unit from BestBuy. The unit did not have several new roads in Texas and also told me I was traveling West when I was travelling East. When I tried to update online the TomTom tech people determined my unit was bad and they sent me a replacement. (I had to pay to ship the original back to them). The replacement has the same problem and it turns out to be the updating site is down and they admitted it had been down for two weeks (that would also mean my first unit is probably OK). By this time I...

TomTom / False Advertising on Features - Not supported

TexasMike1 on Apr 28, 2011
I purchased a Tom-tom Via 1535 TM GPS from Best Buy for $249 plus sales taxes. I love the GPS, so when I finally getting around to attaching it with the computer to take advantage of the Lifetime Maps offer which was part of the purchase price, I am unable to. I download the version of Mac software and I have no option available to input my maps code to download the latest maps. I also can't download the latest traffic camera database, nor can I back up the data on the unit. All I was able to do was load a POI file, but can't manipulate the results via the computer, I have to do it...

TomTom / Poor Customer Service

DocRocko on Mar 27, 2011
My first experience with Tom Tom UK was chaotic. After the SIM card malfunctioned in my 950 Live TomTom, I contacted TomTom on their customer support website. It literally took a month, after being shifted from person to person, to have my TomTom repaired at the factory in the Netherlands. They did not reimburse me for any down time for their rather expensive 'live subscription' for the period my TomTom was out of service. Once I received my TomTom back from the factory, I purchased a US map, but later learned that my TomTom did not have enough memory in the memory card to upload the...

TomTom / TomTom camera updates - what rubbish

Boyko on Jan 20, 2011
TomTom regularly advertise that they have 2 weekly updates of their Safety Camera positions. The N1 high-way between Pretoria and Johannesburg is possibly the busiest road in the RSA. The fixed safety camera's were removed from most locations about 2 years ago due to the construction of the road - doubling of width from 4 lanes to 8 lanes. I have been updating the removal of the camera's regularly. They still have not updated the database. When I complained I got a auto-reply from the UK !! to say that they will confirm the removals when the send a TomTom team to confirm -from the UK !!!. I believe that they are misleading the consumer.

TomTom / order P13179972

The wrong incar charger for Tomtom one xl, which I have paid for, has been delivered today ; it has the wrong connection to the satnav.How can I obtain the right one, please ? My order number was P13179972 and delivery number 7544960 .My email address is adrembyre@yahoo.co.uk. I urgently need the right charger, and have only recently also paid for maps update, which was completed successfully.Regards.

TomTom - Texas / Poor quality and no after warranty support

Another unhappy TomTom customer. I bought the GO920 and enjoyed it for a year and a half (with some quirks). 6 months after the warranty expired it locked up. After working with customer service and updating and re-formatting the unit would still not work. They admitted that it was a software glitch and not caused by anything I did. At that point they said there was nothing they could do. I asked if they could repair for a charge and was told "nope" so they expect you to throw away a $400 unit and buy another. To add further insult, I wrote the president to question why they couldn't...

TomTom / illegal instructions

I bought a tomtom sat.nav for use in Central Europe. So far it has given audio instructions to:- 1. At a cross roads I wanted to carry straight on, instead I was told to turn right, do a U turn and thenturn right again. For no reason 2 .3 times it has instructed me to do a U turn at traffic lights. This is strictly illegal in this part of the world. When I complain to tomtom all they say is ignore the instruction and find my own way around the problem

TomTom - North Carolina / Terrible customer service and product help

I will NEVER buy a TomTom product again. The mount that is produced with their products is terrible quality and causes the GPS to fall randomly. For me, the last time it fell produced a cracked screen and an inoperable touch screen. Thanks a lot Tom Tom. I just spent an hour on the phone with their customer service- which was completely unprofessional. They offered to replace the mount, but not the GPS. It makes no sense to me that the mount THEY produced caused my unit to fall and crack, and now they won't replace it. Save your money and don't buy a TomTom- go with another brand.

TomTom / Consumer beware

I purchased a tomtom go 920T about a year ago at about $400 and the battery fails in the unit. I am told by their customer service rep. take the unit to Radio Shack and ry to find a replacement battery. I took the unit to radio shack its a Solded in battery that non replaceable. I called tomtom back and the next representative offered me $ $75 dollars for my TomTom 920T and said thats all they could do since they dont service what they sell unlees its under warranty. so once your warranty expires the tomtom is Basically Trash or Junk because there is'nt any one who will service it not...

TomTom / Awful company

I received a TomTom for christmas from my parents, which came with 12 months free breakdown cover. I logged on to the website to set the roadside cover up on the 8/01/09 and I was meant to receive an email within 24 hours to confirm all the details. It said in the smallprint on the website that if the email was not in my inbox by the following day then it may be in my SPAM filter. I checked both of these the following day and hadn't received any confirmation. On the website there was no email address or contact number for me to get hold of anyone. A week after setting up my breakdown cover I had...

TomTom / Useless company

I bought a Tom Tom satellite navigation system in December 2006. I worked well until early 2008. Suddenly it stopped working and seemed completely dead. It had not been dropped or damaged. I contacted TomTom and went through the FAQa on their web site for repairs or problems. Nothing worked. I phoned and they said they'd phone back and didn't. Evenetually they said send it back for repair BUT couldn't give any idea of cost. I wasn't prepared to give them an open cheque book. I emailed again and received a reply saying I'd hear something within 48 hours. I didn't...

TomTom - Illinois, Mascoutah / Bad Product

Received a refurbished unit as a gift which would not hold a GPS signal, returned it and bought a new better model TomTom. When I went online to register my new unit, it wiped out my unit. After many, many, many hours on the phone to TomTom support kids, my unit still would not work. I WAS TOLD THAT ONE CAN'T REGISTAR TWO UNITS USING THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS, that's what killed my new unit. So, you have to have a seperate email address for each TomTom you own! The software is flawed! The tech support have no clue! I sent back the unit at MY expense. They returned a different unit...

TomTom / False Advertisement

I bought a TOMTOM GO 920. It must have been a returned product, because the United States Map was not loaded. I returned it and got a new one. However, I was not allowed to upgrade the map software. I was in the middle of moving and retiring from the military. Once settled in my new address, I found I was beyond the 30 days to get a free map upgrade as thier "Latest Map Guarentee", and now the software is 6 quarters overdue, and will cost me near 100 dollors to just get current.

TomTom - England, Gloucestershire, Gloucester / fundamentally useless satnav

The tomtom ONE I bought for work was useful... for the first month or so. It kept losing connection and would not be able to find a satellite signal for hours or even days. It would put my car in fields, rivers, anywhere apart from the road, and as such it was unable to navigate at all. I was on my way to take it back, but was leaving from an office in an unfamiliar area to a branch of dixons (the store name) I had never been to. I used the tomtom to get there but a mile away it started telling me i was driving through the building adjacent to the street and then lost connection altogether, so...

TomTom / Forbid to sell second hand

I have an old HP Handheld with a Bluetooth GPS and TomTom. I bought this as a bundle, everything official licence. Now, after three years. I'd like to sell this second hand on Ebay. Ebay has deleted the entry saying that according to TomTom I am not allowed to sell this. So, beware. If you want to sell your navigation system second hand later DO NOT BUY TomTom!

TomTom - Michigan, Caseville / Wrong address's

TomTom is wrong on there address's here in Caseville, MI. and they admit it when you call them saying they had other complaints about it. When you ask if they will give make it right they tell you to buy the new maps which they will not guarantee are right and will not refund your money if there are not right. Map share is a joke!!! If you tell them that the map is wrong it never shows up as being corrected and talking to these folks on the phone trying to get this right is a waste of time! Next time were going to go garmen. Time to sell this junk on E-Bay...
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