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TMG Complaints & Reviews

TMG - Ontario / charges on my cell phone bill

Jan 12, 2011

My provider on my cell phone is charging me $ 113.00 for the third party what is: TMG code/service 33456 skill2thrill and 84040TMG trivia games...your phone NB is 1 866 257 4586 My cousins, children they used my computer and probably they activated this program...without my knowledge. I want to remain you they are under 15 years old. I would like to get reimbursement on my account 5-1515-7659 to my provider Fido... $113.00. This charges was not fair. My phone NB is 647 830 66 04

TMG - Alberta, Edmonton / Illegal Text Charge


Dear Sir, There was a quiz question on my computer and i just replied. Then there were nine more questions. I replied too. Then they ask me do you want your score then let us your cell phone. I gave my cell phone number and they sent me my score to ten questions. That all so far. But later after two days i am receiving text questions on my cell phone that i keep on deleting as i can not spend time. I tried to stop it but i failed to do so. now on November 14, 2009, I received my cell phone that contain Text MSg-Short Code Program charging me $2.00 for each text that I never subscribed. I talk...

TMG / Fraudulant Charge on AT&T bill


I was contacted by a lady witha heavy foreign accent representing On-Line Business Listing Yellow Pages asking me to verify my company contact information. I was one step ahead and told her to take us off her call list and that I was not interested in her service. THE SAME DAY I got an email that I ordered an uprgrade of my DSL service. So, I called AT&T and with the order number determined it was a company out of Denver by the name of TMG Marketing 720.904.7200. I called and they acknolwedge that they solicite companies to upgrade their DSL Sevice.