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Time Life Complaints & Reviews

Time Life / I cannot do business with this type of company

Nov 9, 2011

I placed an order for a cd collection Pop Memories 60's. When I started to place my order, I had given my CC information. This was all automated and they kept prompting me for "other offers" during this whole placement. Then I got a message "System error..please try your call later" and I was disconnected. I then replaced the order and continued on with how I wanted to be billed. I selected a one time charge of $149.95. Again, the automated system kept prompting you for "other offers' which I kept hitting o for no. Within the week I saw my debit card charged for $29.99 and also...

Time Life / Rip off


Time life has an order process that does not involve a person. We ordered something that we saw on television but did not notice that the ad said 4 payments. all we noticed as $49.95. When we ordered, it is all machine done. The total price is not quoted until the very end of the process and there is no opportunity to finally accept the sale or not. After the ordering process and after the computer hung up on us, we called back immediately to stop the order and they said it could not be done. We called the office that night and the next day and according to Time Life, there is no way to...

Time Life / Scam and lies


I ordered music from time life a while ago for my husbands birthday which we received on 3/9/09. Today in the mail I received another packet stating that they billed my account and if I don't like the music I can send it back. I remember the recording going on and on about other offers[automated ordering service]i then hang up and left it there. Now time life is saying I did agree to this offer, which I did not. After hearing the 2nd and 3rd offer for over 10min, I had to end the call cause I wasn't sure how many more offers there would be, that I have to decline. I told the guy that...

Time Life - Iowa / Billing / Customer Service


I ordered a 16 CD Country Western Set for my father's Father Day gift on 05/27/09. I ordered it online and it did state it was on backorder. Almost 3 months later, I called and the Customer Service rep said it was STILL on BACKORDER and she recommended another CD set. I agreed to the new order to find out they were billing me DOUBLE what the online price was!!! When I contacted customer service for them to adjust my account, they tell me I have to return the new set, wait for the credit and then order it again!!! I will never do business with them again and hopefully this will protect other people from getting ripped off!!!

Time Life / Bad Business Practices or Incompetent?


I ordered 100 Classics for Relaxation (a 5-CD collection) from Time Life at the introductory price of $9.99. This meant (even if I didn't know it b/c I didn't pay attention when I ordered, but that's my fault) that I was going to receive, and be charged for, add'l CDs from the same collection regularly. Well, today I received my first "add'l CD", which, if I don't return it to Time Life, will cost me $24.99 plus S&H. Imagine how surprised I was when I realized that this "new CD" was the exact same CD as one of the original five CDs. I am not sure what'...

Time Life / Scammed


I ordered DVD's online from after I saw a commercial. I called to check on my order since I did not receive any shipping information. The rep verified my order and shipping address. After waiting 2 weeks the order still did not arrive. I called again and was told to wait. I waited & called again. The rep said the shipping address was incomplete but assured me it was sent to the incomplete address and I should receive it. I called again after not getting my DVDs, they send they would send out another set of DVDs. Again, I did not receive my order. I called again. In the...