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Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus Complaints & Reviews

Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus - Wisconsin, Cazenovia / Puppy Mill NOT a Rescue


This woman should be ashamed of herself. She runs What she calls a "Rescue" in Richland County. SHE IS A PUPPY MILL AND A ROTTEN CROOK. As an avid dog lover looking for a new dog, found her on the internet and drove to her "rescue". Upon arriving her place was DISGUSTING. Dogs running everywhere, some of them visibly sick. She says that she makes deals with Amish puppy mills to take the adult dogs the are going to get rid of, and along with she demands puppies. We bought her story and took home a schnauzer puppy. Needless to say, our story sounds much like many others. Our puppy was SO SICK...

Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus - Wisconsin, Cazenovia / Sick/Dying Puppy


I have a puppy that is dying, just bought this month. I can't get ahold of Jennifer, and all of her so called rescued dogs and puppies are no longer on Pet Finder. The place was so filthy, and the puppies looked do sad and sick, that I thought we were doing them a favor by buying one. Now he's dying. I thought it was alot of money at the time for a puppy, but she said he had all his shots and had been to a vet. My vet says no, this little guy is so sick we may not be able to save him. My vet says she has treated many puppies from Jennifer Petkus, some have made it, most haven't...

Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus - Wisconsin, Cazenovia / Rescue or Broker?


This is the auction I attended in September. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that for the 100+ dogs that made it into rescue there is hope. The person with the "filthy" shelter is Jennifer Petkus from Thyme and Sage Ranch. I kind of got a kick out of her telling the reporter to stop filming. I happened to be standing outside when that altercation took place and it did get a little ugly. THIS IS the link for the Fox News piece on the Horst Dog auction in Thorp Wi.

Thyme and Sage Ranch Jennifer Petkus - Wisconsin, Richland County / My Adopted Puppy Died


I would have preferred talking to someone who could have heard this story in it's entirety but hear goes. I hope I don't leave anything out... A few months ago when watching a program I saw a small dog that needed adoption and it got me thinking strongly about replacing a family pet that we had lost in February from cancer and her old age. When checking many of the county facilities I found that the dogs were mostly larger breeds and that if they had a small one it was gone before I could even get a hold on it. While surfing the web I found that there were many "rescues" listed and...