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Thomas Frazier, CPA Complaints & Reviews

Thomas Frazier, CPA - Arizona, Mesa / Tax Preparation

Jun 12, 2013

Consumers beware! Thomas Frazier CPA, admitted to falsifying tax filings and other unethical actions when questioned by government officials and operates using several names including: Frazier, Spoon & Co, Thomas Frazier CPA, PC, and Arthur Spoon & Company. When I learned of miscalculations on tax returns that were certified as accurate under penalty of perjury by Thomas Frazier CPA, I left messages advising him of what appeared to be clerical errors and that amended returns were needed for the IRS, AZ Dept. of Revenue, and State of CA Franchise Tax Board. Frazier failed to return my calls but...

Thomas Frazier, CPA - Arizona, Mesa / Fraudulent Accounting Practices

May 28, 2013

Thomas Frazier, CPA, Mesa, AZ, aka, Frazier, Spoon and Company PLLC, Phoenix, AZ, (Thomas Frazier's new address and contact numbers shown are identical to that of Arthur Spoon and Co.) -- Thomas Frazier, CPA willfully falsified tax filings on behalf of his client, Nick D'Arcangelo, Phoenix, AZ. Evidence reveals Frazier illicitly conspired to gain inflated monetary enrichment for D'Arcangelo and to financially harm D'Arcangelo's former partner. As a result of Frazier's accounting manipulations and fraudulent reporting for which D'Arcangelo had knowledge and...