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Ordered vacuum bags from Website said they would ship within 1 to 6 days. Heard nothing from them for over two weeks. When I was finally able to contact them via email (took a day or two for them to respond), I was told my order would ship the next day. Just checked the expected delivery date from UPS - it is not due to arrive for another 3 days, making the entire process from ordering to shipment arrival approximately ONE MONTH!! Will never order from them again!!! - Pennsylvania / Horrible customer service!


I have to agree with horrible customer service for We just purchased a new system for our older Kenmore Central vac system. After conferring w/the sales rep we agreed we had a 1.25" system and I ordered our new hose & attachments. When we got the vacuum, we found the hose would not fit the receptacle in the wall. Calling the company, I was assured an adaptor part would be sent immediately. None came after 2 weeks. Then I wrote an email to the contact point. No response. I called customer service to ask about the no response after another week. When I started the conversation... / Does not live up to return policies & accuses a good customer of lying


I purchased a $593.00 attachment system from and decided I did not like the product. I called regarding returning it and I was told if I didn't use the items I would be charged a 5% restocking fee. I felt fine with that and returned the item. A few weeks later my account was credited but they deducted $148.48 from my credit because they claim I used it because the power nozzle had hair in it. I told them several times I did not use the vacuum and for all I know the hair was in it when I received it. The man on the other end of the line was quite arrogant, and I feel... / ThinkVacuums return policy screws a reasonable customer!


I ordered a central vacuum accessory (called a non-powered vacuum head, along with a 35-foot hose, and hose sock). I asked questions of the Thinkvacuum sales people when I originally placed the order if the non-powered head would work on berber carpet and shorter carpets. I was told by their representatives that this was exactly what the non-powered head was designed for. I received the unit only after about 3 weeks of waiting, when I was originally told all the items were in stock. Once I unpacked the unit, I hooked it up to see if it did in fact work on short carpet. I tried it on an area...