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thermo plus acai Complaints & Reviews

thermo plus acai - Alberta, Calgary / False advertisement & overpriced products


On Sept. 28, I ordered a bottle of Thermo Plus Acai, a lost weight program. The come on strategy, a promotional campaign. For the cost of $4.95 Only (shipping) I was to receive their product. First of all it took 2 weeks to receive the product. After getting on the product, I was to probably lose perhaps 10 pounds. Not only did I not lose even one pound, but I was charged on Oct. 27 the amount of $59.95 USD. on my credit card. Here is my point, I was to read their Terms and conditions. If they send products internationally, don't you think I would make sense to give the customer at least 60...

thermo plus acai - Missouri, Traverse City / product scam


i am Andrew Redman. 45 Linden Street, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 1H7. Tel:905-682-6029. This past spring, I ordered and received a free sample of Acai, a product touted to improve metabolism. Mid June 2009 I received a package by US mail giving only a senders address. Mid August 2009 I received a similar package with the same senders address plus the senders name: EFS-GFS Health Store. I did NOT open either package. Due to a family illness, now a death, I did NOT return the packages or contact this firm. On September 23, 2009, my Visa credit card showed an amount of $113.87 US...