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The Systems Depot Complaints & Reviews

The Systems Depot / Wade Moose

Mar 21, 2011

I loved reading all the WADE comments! I think we can sum it up with one sentence: Wade Moose is a tyrant. As a woman I was appalled at what came out of his mouth. I learned all about a certian brothel in Nevada he loved to entertain at, how he slept his way through China, that his second wife, the red-head, was red "down there" too, and he never failed to let you know if he slept with the current wife, Donna, that morning. It's sick that he could even think a female would want to hear these things. He's lucky my foot didn't accidently kick him where the sun don't shine!...

The Systems Depot - North Carolina, Hickory / product warranty work


Do not get involved with this distributor of low voltage equipment. They are just a bunch of dumb ### hill billies from up the sticks in NC that doesn't have the brains that god has given a goose if you ask me. Something is not clicking right in their heads or can they really afford just to run off its customers with any customer service issues. TSD just has some really missed up returns policy's when it come to helping out its customers. The customer are just hung out to dry if you purchase any product from The Systems Depot (TSD). TSD expect a contractor just to repurchase any...