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The Cash Store Complaints & Reviews

The Cash Store / being told that's enough and all I was doing was getting, 6 pieces of candy from two different bowls

Dec 7, 2018

I came in the store to pay on my loan and as I was waiting for the lady to finish up with the other customers. I put my hand in two different bowls to get some candy and as I took out six snickers I was told by the lady that's enough meaning I was taking to much candy. She said this in front of the other customers and made me feel like I was doing something very wrong. I felt so bad about being told off in front of other customers like I was steeling her candy and being put down for getting a little candy from two different bowls. I have never been made to feel less of a person over thi...

The Cash Store / Harrassment

May 7, 2015

I am being harassed by a woman called Mrs. Allen who claims to be collecting from The Cash Store. She won't give me any details and just screams into the phone when asked questions. I have never borrowed from them and she won't give me details. How can I get her to stop calling me, especially at work? She refuses to provide any written documentation or verbal details. Katherine Black 303.870.8362 [email protected]

The Cash Store - Manitoba, Winnipeg / High charges

Jul 5, 2011

I'm wondering how The Cash Store can charge so much. They would only let me borrow $160 which would cost me over $300. Other pay day loan store woul let me borrow up to $260 and the payback was only about $304. I have borrowed from them in the past & didn't realize that I was overpaying until I went to another payday loan store. They only charge 17%. I had been paying almost 100% at The Cash Store.

The Cash Store - New Brunswick, Fredericton / ripoff

Jun 22, 2011

Borrowed 200.00 had to pay 351.38 6 days later, they are crooks. Found out about money mart can borrow 200.00 and pay back 240.00 total .Cash store are ripping people off, the staff gets commision so the more they rip you for the more they make. I feel like handing out money mart cards to people heading into the cash store. =Hell I may just do that, will let you all know what happens.

The Cash Store / Harassment

May 3, 2011

I had recently agreed to be a reference for a friend of mine for a payday loan. (I did not sign any papers, just provided my phone number and name). Long story short, my friend missed the payment due date and they are now calling me 5 times a day looking for him. They have his number and address, the last time they called was today and they informed me that if someone didn't pay the fullamount they wouldcontinue to call me 5 times a day, those were her exact words. So I decided to take it a step further and contact the head office in Alberta, and file a complaint. The man on the other...

The Cash Store - British Columbia / Employment

Jan 8, 2011

I became an employee of The Cash Store March 2010, being that it started me out at $11 an hour, and I have two small children at home to provide for. I stayed a CSR (customer service representative) until September 2010, when the branch manager left, and I became the new branch manager. I had been told in e-mails that if the store did not profit $10, 000 a month, and did not have insurance and bank accounts over 90% that we would be replaced. I am totally against giving clients something they do not need, or have requested not to have. So I did my job, completely compitent, and had thing...

The Cash Store / Overpriced and misleading


I am a company reviewer. I mystery shop different companies to share my experiences about customer service with other consumers. My experience with The Cash Store was the worst I've experienced. I went in to take a $100 loan and the total cost to pay back was close to $150 dollars!!! Part of this expense was the card that the funds was loaded to (even the name of the business was misleading). The attendant neglected to inform me that I had an option to use a debit card that cost $8 as opposed to the almost $20 for the mastercard not to mention the card company's fees (a monthly fee...

The Cash Store - Texas, Killeen / Poor customer service


My daughter planned to pay her loan off on 12-15-09 in full, which was $301.00. The loan was due on 12-14-09 and she asked for an extension of 24 hours since she got paid of the 15th of December. They told her that at 6pm on the 14th of December they would deposit her check, even though they knew that money would not be in the account until after midnight. All she asked for was just less than 24 hours extension until she got paid. So they tried to deposit the check and added another 30.00 onto the account. What happened to customer service. She willpay them off today and never use them again and will advise her friends to not go to them for any help they may need.

The Cash Store - Texas, Carrollton / Misleading Advertising


The Cash Store is running television ads saying all you need to get a payday advance is 1) a steady income and 2) a bank account. A few months ago I was turned down for a payday advance by a Carrollton, TX Cash Store location because the pay stubs I provided them were 1099 and not W2. I'd been working for the employer for a year and a half and was being paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Doesn't get much steadier. So their television ads are very misleading.

The Cash Store / Fraud and cheating


About four months ago, my husband took out a loan through the cash store in sun prairie wisconsin. We were in the middle of a bathroom remodel that went over budget and were expecting a large check payment from someone in July, so we decided to borrow the money to finish our bathroom until then. Upon going to the store, they offered us this great deal where you can extend your loan for 12 weeks and just make bi-weekly finance charge payments. We signed up for it and proceeded to make the payments every two weeks. The woman running the store was very nice and called us a few days prior to...