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Talega Dental group - California, San Clemente / dental services

Nov 25, 2014

I'll start by saying I'm shocked by the negative reviews for Talega Dental. I've been their patient for 5 years as have my son and daughter, and we all like the work they do and the way they treat us. Dr. Steven Edwards has been my dentist during this time and not only is he an excellent practitioner, he is also a great guy who has a genuine interest in helping his patients via a preventative care first approach. Not only have I had fillings, crowns, and porcelain inlays done by Steve, but he recently completed front upper veneers for me which make my smile dazzling - not...

Talega Dental group - California, San Clemente / dishonest dentistry

Jan 26, 2011

I took my family here. The dentist said my son had 8 cavities that needed to be filled immediately. My gut said "no way." They tried to make me feel like such a horrible mother for not wanting him to do the work he said was necessary. The assistants said the dentist was angry and didn't want to do the cleaning we came in for. I trusted my gut and took my boys to a different dentist who claimed he has 0 cavities. To this day such is so. New wave dentistry, watch out!

Talega Dental group - California, San Clemente / Rip off/horrible service


These people are only in the business of only ripping off people. They have train there staff to viciously charge you thousands and thousands of dollars for treatment that you don't need at all, and they lie and fabricate such a case that makes you feel that you dying right there and then. After spending a few good thousand dollars with them, because of pour material and a awful job the crown came off. Offer nicely asking them to fixed it for me, they tried to imply that there was a cavity causing that, so they could charge another thousand dollar. After addressing them that I will take...

Talega Dental group - California, San Clemente / Rip off


Talega Dental group found out I had two PPO's for my dental care. Instead of asking me about different treatments and costs; they did a elective procedure using a porcelain filling for my tooth. They didn't bother telling me the cost up front or what was covered. They did not get a pre - authorization for treatment to see if it was covered. They did bill me $900.00 on my credit card and said they would bill the insurance. Unfortunately, I was led to believe that the insurance would reimburse me. One year later I'm still fighting these dishonest people. They don't return my...