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TACA Airlines Complaints & Reviews

TACA Airlines - Florida, Miami / Worst Customer Service Ever

Mar 13, 2011

We went to the airport to take a flight for argentina after having a problem with the rented car, so we were kind of late, but the flight was not closed yet, they didn't take us in. We went back to the airport the next day as we were told on the phone by TACA Customer service, the lady at the counter (Lili Pinto) was the nastiest person I ever met. Nobody ever made me feel as bad as her. I was really mistreated. I requested to talk to the supervisor, who was not available, after a long wait he showed up, washed hands and leave. When we requested for him again we were told he was going to...

TACA Airlines / Horrible customer service


I am a handicapped senior citizen and was left stranded by Taca Airlines. A 3-hour TACA flight from Miami to Roatan (MIA-RTB) took more than 24 hours and left me stranded in another city. I had to purchase a ticket from LaCeiba, Honduras to Roatan (LCE-RTB) on Lanhsa, a competing airline, after being left in LaCeiba without means to get to Roatan, where I live. I was not even scheduled to go to LaCeiba, a dangerous coastal city and I ended up stranded alone there after cancellation of three flights due to mechanical problems. TACA had a total lack of customer service and caring during thi...

TACA Airlines / Bad service


Location: Los Angeles Grupo TACA Employees Shaking Passengers Down My wife and I are both journalists and regularly travel all over the world. In the past year she made three trips to El Salvador and one to Colombia, all on TACA. This trip was for pleasure, not business, a return to Colombia for the holidays. We purchased a TACA flight from LAX to Bogota, and arrived at the airport at 5:30 PM on December 26th. I will point out that, at least in Los Angeles, the female TACA employees are very polite, then men are very rude to American males. They get sarcastic, are obviously very threatened and...